Windows 10: What Is The Best R9 390 AMD Card To Date For Crossfire ?

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  1.    13 Dec 2016 #1

    What Is The Best R9 390 AMD Card To Date For Crossfire ?

    So far after lots of searching I found this one:

    Sapphire 11247-03-40G Sapphire NITRO R9 FURY graphics card Shop UK : : Buy

    Suggestion which match this or greater would be appreciated :)
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  2.    15 Dec 2016 #2

    Do you already have one ? If so best would be identical to that one you already have.
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  3.    15 Dec 2016 #3

    No not got 1 or 2 yet, but wondered weather there is any better R9's than what I have found ?
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  4.    15 Dec 2016 #4

    RoadBlaster said: View Post
    No not got 1 or 2 yet, but wondered weather there is any better R9's than what I have found ?
    Than it's better to get one much stronger GPU, like Rx 480/8GB or GTX 1080. SLI/CF doesn't work in all games, actually in small percentage of games. Another problem is that FX 4170 of yours, bet it's a bottleneck even for one R9 290 let alone two.
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  5.    15 Dec 2016 #5

    Well the bottleneck calculator says your choice is wrong & it is only 256-Bit if you know about AMD you will know they open the bandwidth to 512-Bit to stop bottlenecking & all your choice will do is bottleneck me even more.

    The Bottlenecker

    The above link says the sluggish 8-cores & 6-Cores would work but never tried the 6-core as heard the 6350 is just a fast as my 4170 which to me out performs the 8350 & the 9590, I have tried these CPS to back my text up...

    From point of view people who say something is bad just because (benchmark test says so) doe not prove nothing, testing it for real life in games proved to me not a lot of difference.
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  7.    15 Dec 2016 #7

    My definition of bottleneck with CPU > GPU > CPU would be when either CPU or GPU hit close to 100% usage and the other one much less. But (there's always but), some game engines favor CPU some GPU, rare are ones that put equal load on both.
    Benchmarks, unless are made for specific game engine and even specific game may be just a staring point for troubleshooting or to get a general idea how a specific game may work but are just fine to compare results on same computer while overclocking for instance. One requirement to get accurate results is to use same version of benchmarking program or results will not be accurate.
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  8.    15 Dec 2016 #8

    Well a few weeks back I tested out a HD7970 which was 384-Bit & I ran this on gta v for 5 hours doing the same thing as with gt 730 & all I got was smooth gameplay, no stuttering when players arrived in the room or left no stutter what so ever, I think the only thing that holds me back is the gpu GT 730 - GTA V give me a max of 80% for the first 5 mins then goes down to 50% from there on with a quick jump to 80% with either card GT 730 or HD 7970.
    I still get the R9 cards as have a new psu waiting for them & not bothered about changing the cpu.

    By Feb the AMD CPU's will be out to thrash Intel on the correct generation to compare to the Intel - I personally think Intel users are threatned by the amd 2.0 generation being able to compete in the first place & now when amd match Intel they look like they will be thrashed again on the same generation of cpu's... proving once again that instead of rushing into production 3.0 boards which go faulty due to ic failure, amd did it right again...
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  9.    15 Dec 2016 #9

    I'm hoping for Zen to maybe not "trash" Intel but to be at least very competitive in price/performance department. Until than, I'm keeping my FX 6350 at 4.8GHz. It's performing just fine for me although not playing any large games partly due to R7 260, 1GB GPU.
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  10.    16 Dec 2016 #10

    Yes my real reason for "Zen" is that should pull the price down of the FX-6350 & FX-8350 for me to buy
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