I'm started having a weird problem that I don't even know what caused it. I was using my PC and it fine, no problem then a friend came over and I left my PC for about an hour. When I came back I noticed that my screen was turned grey and PC was not responding so I reset the PC manually. After bootup, it went fine but then again after 5 mins my screen turned white and it stopped responding, and that's how it behaves whenver I try to bootup now. Sometimes it asks for Username/Password and then after 2-3 mins it goes white or sometimes it doesn't even present me with the Login screen. It works fine in the Safe Mode. Another weird thing that I found is the problem perishes when I remove the Nvidia driver in the little time that I get between the 2-3 mins before the screen goes white and if it succeeds in removing the driver and asks me to reboot, now here's the catch. If I remove the driver and don't reboot, the system works perfectly, no matter how long I use it. Hell I upgrade it to 1607 through that. But if I reboot after the driver uninstall, I can see that driver has been removed because my resolution turns to 640x480 but after sometime it automatically gets the driver, almost instantly restoring the resolution and the same problem with white screen.

Right now, I'm writing it using the safe mode. Any idea how can I debug or solve this issue?

By the way, I'm running Windows 10 x64 and have Nvidia 970 with Intel i7 4770 (not K).

Edit: I just found that even in Safe Mode the white screen problem occurs though after a period of 30-40 mins after boot up.