External Monitor Cannot Turn on After Short Electricity Outage

  1.    25 Nov 2016 #1

    External Monitor Cannot Turn on After Short Electricity Outage

    Have a dell xps laptop that i connect an external monitor to. My main screen would be the external monitor and my laptop screen would be the secondary screen.

    Im located outside the us and where im at, its very common to have power outrages. Thus internet going out and also electricity going out. But when electricity goes out, it usually isn't that long. Many times it would go out for a few minutes then it would all come back etc. Theres been few times when the outage has been much longer.

    I would immediately know this when my external monitor turns off and when my fans turn off. Then usually it comes back again. Well earlier this happened and everything turned off. So when this happens, the power in the refridgerator is off as well. Then the electricity seemed to have came back on.

    However, I then went to power on my external monitor and nothing turns on because i notice the external monitor didn't turn back on which is almost always does.

    Its an asus 24' monitor and its this one

    Amazon.com: ASUS VS24AH-P 24.1 Accessories someone tell me how do i fix this issue?

    I connect my monitor to my laptop with an hdmi cable. The thing is when have the hdmi connected, on laptop screen it looks like how it should look. Basically there is nothing there. I extend both monitors where the main screen is my external monitor. I do notice that when i drag my mouse from my laptop screen to to the monitor... the mouse disappears from my laptop screen which means that my monitor should be working right?

    Does anyone know what i can do here? Also as of now my electricity came back. However, why is nothing showing up in my external monitor? I do have occasions where my internet would be out but now my electricity came back. So why does my monitor not turn on?
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    I went to device manager and under display adapters, it shows

    intel r hd graphics 530
    nvidia geforce gtx 960m

    when i click on each of it, both shows the device is working properly. This is when i unplugged the hdmi cable from my externall monitor. Thus right now im only using my laptop monitor as the screen since if i connect it to external monitor, i cannot type anything as the main screen would be my external monitor but it doesn't turn on. I click on the bottom buttons under this monitor and nothing turns on.

    Also i like to add that i only have 2 electric outlets where my computer is located. One i used directly for the external monitor. The other one, i used a surge protector since i plug few things into it such as my laptop charger and my internet modem. Thus i need a surge protector because i dont have enough outlets.

    Can someone tell me what i can do here? That should mean it has nothing to do with my graphics cards right since it does show working properly? Nothing turns on with the asus monitor. I clicked on all the buttons under it... nothing shows up...
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  3.    25 Nov 2016 #3

    I like to add, I cannot just get a new monitor. This monitor is 1920x1200 resolution and i cannot get this here where im located.

    Can someone tell me what i can check here? I will most likely going to the computer repair shop here for them to take a look at this if i can't get this issue fixed.

    Basically i have to get this monitor fixed even if it cost a lot of money because i cannot just order this monitor and get it because im not in the us. The monitors here are not 1920x1200 resolution. Its basically close to impossible to get one of these.

    I know that electric outlet where my monitor was connected to isn't the issue because i connected something else to it and it works.

    I read online that it could be something with Bios? However when i click on the power button or any of the other buttons on the asus monitor, nothing lights up. So does that mean my monitor went bad due to the short electric outage. This is very frustrating.

    The other thing would be use someone else computer to see if it connects to this monitor via hdmi? However most people where im located dont have a computer so that makes it even more frustrating. Of course i could do this at a computer repair shop. But can someone tell me advice on what i can do here? The thing that bothers me is nothing lights up on my monitor. I mean, it can't be the hdmi cable going bad right? Since when its connected to it, it does show my laptop monitor as secondary monitor? Obviously if its just replacing the hdmi cable that would be very easy.

    So most likely its my monitor? I have to get the monitor fixed asap and now i dont know what to do.
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       26 Nov 2016 #4


    I don't know much about hardware.
    But perhaps have a look at the reply posted to your identical topic in the other forum - that seems like a reasonable explanation:


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  5.    26 Nov 2016 #5

    Hi there.

    Try the simple tests first

    Perhaps the plug has fused -- check fuse / wiring. You can easily do that with one of those mains "testers" - a screwdriver like device that should indicate when there's power.

    It's quite normal for fuses to blow if power is suddenly switched off / on.

    Try another cable in another electrical outlet (known working one) and just switch on monitor with no computer connected -- the hardware menu should be available if there's power.

    Always try the obvious easy checks before wondering whether monitor has broken.

    A colleague of mine was told that he needed a brand new toilet because some water leaked when it flushed from the storage tank (not the outflow !!!!) -- cost estimate - several hundred EUR.

    I opened the tank up for him -- all it needed was a "rubber donut" type of thing - standard spare -- cost 8 EUR !!!!!!

    Moral - check easy stuff first before looking at complex issues -- if the monitor really HAS broken check warranty / returns etc.

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  6.    26 Nov 2016 #6

    Can you explain use another cable in another electrical outlet? The thing is the electric outlet i use for the monitor, i connected something else to that outlet and it works. So because of that, it isn't the outlet issue.

    Do you mean the power cord for my monitor? There are only 2 things that i have connected to my monitor. That power cord which connects to an outlet and that hdmi cable which connects to my laptop.
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       26 Nov 2016 #7

    Every monitor I've owned for quite a few years produced some sort of display when it was powered up and no signal cable was attached. If yours doesn't do that, it probably has a hardware fault.

    Not sure about power. I have had 3 kinds of power connections: hard wired, a "cheater" cord, or an external power brick. I don't recall any of those with a built-in fuse. I have seen other power cords with fuses, but not for a monitor.

    I hope that you have access to inexpensive repair services. In the US, I'd probably just recycle the monitor, unless it was something special. (New 1920 X 1080 monitors can be had for around $100. 1920 X 1200 is rarer.)
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  8.    26 Nov 2016 #8

    I went to repair shop and was told there will be a diagnostic done and i will get a call back from them early next week. I asked so do you know what are the odds it can be fixed and i was told its about 50/50. They pressed the power button and noticed it didnt power on etc.

    If its a hardware issue, is that easy to fix? Someone on another forum mentioned it could be the power supply or the fuse. They said if its either those, then its easy to fix. Is that true? However, the thing that is confusing is why when i connect hdmi to the monitor even when the monitor isn't plugged into the electric outlet, my laptop recognizes that monitor it seems since all my icons etc and everything is not on my laptop screen? Normally when connected to monitor, nothing is on this laptop screen as this is secondary monitor as everything is on my primary monitor.

    The thing is if you could buy replacement monitors with this resolution here, that isn't a big issue since if they can't fix it, well i buy a new one. But there is none of these here which is the issue.
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  9.    29 Nov 2016 #9

    Went back from repair shop. They told me they cannot fix it. Said the board is broken. Does anyone know exactly where this is in the back of the monitor? He showed me but i forgot where exactly.

    I asked so its not possible to fix it... they said it isn't possible.

    So that meant even replacing parts on it doesn't do anything right? I didn't ask any more questions since i figured if they could, well obviously they would try.
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  10.    01 Dec 2016 #10

    have a look at the badcaps forums and see if they can help you there are some very knowledgeable people on there.
    I have several monitors brought back from the dead with help from there.
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