Hello everyone!
So i have a problem with my desktop resolution. my monitor is Samsung S22D300 and it worked fine until now, you see when i turned him on today i realise that my resolution got low and when i checked it i saw that it was set on 1024x768 i always used 1920x1080 but i cant understand how could it go down by itself, i updated my drivers and everything and still no result. now the strangest part is when im trying to restart my pc my monitor goes black and then my power button flickering blue lights and wont turn on(i mean that the screen goes black and stay that way)i tried to use different HDMI cables but it still the same results. when i connected my pc to my smart tv the resolution were fine it was set on 1920x1080 but on this monitor its on 1024x768 my monitor is a couple month old so i cant understand whats the problem?
Thanks for answering!
(Sorry for my bad English and punctuation marks im not from America)