Don't know if this is the correct place or not but here goes......I have 2 almost identical HP P6 desktop pc's 2400t/2420t bought new in 2013 both running Win10 Home and one of them is giving me a black & white screen instead of the regular color when I bring it out of sleep mode.......Everything is normal on the screen its just in black & white.

And all I do to fix it is restart it and it comes back to color as normal everytime......This started happening about 3 months ago and it does it about once in every 8 or 10 times I bring it out of sleep mode.

And just to let everybody know this pc is hooked up to my 55" Vizio 4K smart tv which is 1 year old.

The other pc has never done it ever and the one that does it has a Nvidia/GF GT 620 1GB card with 12 gb of memory......Let me know anybodys thought on this!