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The second pic is the first pic, it's just showing the same file again after I made one small edit to highlight the field I was talking about. I edited the post to only show the highlighted pic.

And if there's a way to disable the iGPU outside of that screen, I'm not seeing it in the BIOS. But it doesn't explain why settings I'm changing in the BIOS and in Windows 10 Device Manager are reverting.
On some MB bios's you can disable the iGPU completely and just use the PCIE Card option (Discrete Graphics) , though it is hard to tell if selecting PCIE is disabling the iGPU or just setting a priority since I think multimonitor as referenced in the Bios means so you can use the IGPU AND PCIE at the same time if desired but you MB Manual ain't any help really it refers to the Original bios way back when Adam was a Cowboy..... however I would Disable the Render standby and iGPU memory if possible.

***edit.......Ok been googling and your MB is PITA apparently :) I found a post or two saying that your MB has an issue with the iGPU not being disabled properly even though PCIE is enabled and the only fix to solve it was to use an OLDER BIOS...... eg

Asus P8Z77-V iGPU always enabled | TechPowerUp Forums

OK found a longer thread here too

Bad problem with Asus P8Z77-V with onboard graphics - Overclockers UK Forums

See posts #26 onwards ....... seems if iGPU EVER gets activated it will stay that way ..... The OP has your videocard too BTW