I'm using my PC with 3 desktops.
2 desktops are connected to nVidia GeForce 210 by DVI and HDMI.
I had connected one desktop by USB-to-VGA adapter by Manhattan - this desktop had max.resolution 1600x1200.
I changed display to 24" 1920x1200 display and adapter written above supports max. widescreen 1680x1050, so I bought new one.
I connected new USB-to-DVI adapter by DisplayLink to display and it works.
Everybody knows that these adapters can be connected up to 6 to one computer, so I wanted to use 4th desktop.
I could do mirroring of nVidia, but when I tried mirroring long time ago, resolution was limited by the lower LCD resolution - so, it affected new display (if was this changed, let me know please).
So, I connected USB-to-VGA again to computer and to old 1600x1200 LCD, but problem - works not. LCD is found but no one option is available and checked is turned off LCD. I look into device manager and found problem - here are results:
USB Display Adapters category
Device: USB3.0 to DVI Adapter
Manufacturer: Display Link
Device working properly

Display Adapters category
Device: Trigger USB Graphics Chipset Family (1P-E)* / (1P-M)*
Manufacturer: Magic Control Technology Corp.
Windows cannot initialize this hardware driver (Code 37)
A device which does not exist was specified.

*1P-E and 1P-M are devices with same status and values in device manager separately

Can anybody explain me why it works not and how to solve it?
For correction: OS - Windows 10.1511 Pro x64

Thank you for all.