There are countless threads with people who can't change brightness on Windows 10. Easily solved, switch to the generic Windows graphics driver. However, to me this solution removes the Sleep option in Power menu. Only Hibernate is left, but I don't want to use it. I just bought a small SSD for the OS and I want to save the write cycles.

So as the situation stands, I can either choose to have the Sleep option with Intel Graphics 4000 driver, or have the brightness control with the Windows graphics driver. I chose the former, because I use sleep a few times a day, but don't change brightness very often. But I want both.

I am just checking, is there any option to have both sleep power setting AND working brightness control in Windows 10? Is Microsoft or Intel working on fixing the problem?
- I use two graphics drivers at once - NVidia and Intel 4000. Can't have just NVidia, that removes both brightness and sleep.
- Yes, I have the latest Intel 4000 driver.
- Yes, I have disabled adaptive brightness.
- No, I can't adjust brightness manually, if I try that, the screen is totally dimmed and I have to switch the drivers to fix it.
- I have Lenovo Z500, Windows 10 with the Anniversary package - didn't help.
- I made a clean install of W10 after my old W10 install got stuck in update-remove update loop.