Blank Screen and No Monitor Signal After a Restart Solved

  1.    13 Aug 2016 #1

    Blank Screen and No Monitor Signal After a Restart

    I7 3770K
    GTX 950
    Windows 10 64

    So everything was fine before Windows 10 AU updates. The problem is that if I restart the computer it will I get a blank screen and my monitor(s) goes to sleep and loses signal and doesn't detect the video card so I don't see POST and just a black/blank screen. I'm pretty sure that it must have rebooted right to my login screen because I can tell my mouse/keyboard lighting up and my EVGA GTX 950 fan stop spinning after it reaches the login screen(it uses a EVGA Precision to control the fan).

    But on a shut down and a cold boot up it's fine. Only on a RESTART that I will always get this symptom. But IF I shut down the computer and go into the BIOS and exit the BIOS it have the symptom once again like the going into the BIOS somehow make it no longer a COLD BOOT and it reads it as a RESTART.

    What I have try and still doesn't work:
    -use DDU(Display Driver Uninstaller) to remove Nvidia driver and using the Microsoft Basic Driver so Driver isn't the problem
    -turn off FAST STARTUP(Fast Startup is disable in BIOS also)
    -unplug and replug the monitor cable and power cable to the monitor
    -try DVI and HDMI and still same symptom

    Mother board and video card and monitor isn't the problem
    -place my GTX 950 into another computer running W10 AU and having no problem
    -onboard HD 4000 have no symptom on reboot
    -try the GT 430 and AMD 7850 on my rig and doesn't show the same REBOOT symptom

    So my conclusion is this. Before the W10 AU update. I remove my GTX 950 and been using my i7 3770K HD 4000 onboard GPU. So I updated Windows 10 AU without the GTX 950. So when I place the GTX 950 back into the system something must have gone wrong. So pretty much the only combination of the GTX 950 and this Windows 10 AU on my machine is having this issue.

    Another thing is that I install the UXSTYLE but I don't think that is the problem. I have already remove UXSTYLE and deleted the themes in the THEME folder and my registry is reading the default: SystemRoot\resources\themes\Aero\Aero.msstyles. Usually isn't the UXSTYLE black screen only show up when you boot to you login screen or to the desktop? I mean UXSTYLE doesn't break the RESTART and black screen even on POST right?

    So does anyone actually know what the problem could be? I'm totally running out of idea what the problem could be. I don't know what registry I could fix to get rid of the W10 from remembering the GTX 950. Pretty much the DDU already deleted all if not most of the Nvidia stuff and I couldn't find any major Nvidia stuff in the Registry.
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    If possible,replace the PSU with another and try that.Any problem which stops POST,can be a power supply related one,such as cable,switch etc.This seems to be the only area not yet investigated.
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    joeandmarg0 said: View Post
    If possible,replace the PSU with another and try that.Any problem which stops POST,can be a power supply related one,such as cable,switch etc.This seems to be the only area not yet investigated.
    That's not the problem. It's something else. What I did was remove password login from Windows 10 and setup the a webrowser to startup and play a Youtube video at startup to hear if it able to boot past POS and boot into desktop. So when I rebooted the computer the monitor loses signal but it managed to boot into my desktop because I can hear sounds from the Youtube video. So I have no clue if UXSTYLE somehow corrupted something but why it is only on my GTX 950 and not any other video card/GPU? Why is my monitors loses signal on a restart but managed to boot into Windows? My GTX 950 doesn't have the reboot with the black screen on another computer.

    EDIT: Finally got it solve now. Running "Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup&sfc/scannow&Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth&sfc/scannow&pause" seems to fix probably the corrupted UXSTYLE.
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