To be absolutely certain it wasn't hardware I bought a brand new Windows 10 display adapter: NVidia Geforce GT 710. It booted up into normal mode using MS basic adapter driver. Unlike the previous ATI this one will let me go to full resolution when using MS basic adapter. After an hour a message appeared saying Windows had installed a new display driver and I needed to reboot. This was unusual because when I put in the other NVidia windows installed the driver without needing a reboot. Now the serious problems began. On reboot windows said it was attempting to repair, then diagnosing the problem, then BSOD telling me to checkout volmgrx_internal_error online. I tried system restore and despite me making a manual system restore point a few days ago windows said there were no restore points. Advanced options and restart for safe mode also caused BSOD with the same volmgrx_internal_error message. Help!