I'm having code 34 every time i restart my system, in device manager - display adapter, it shows both my cards name (GTX 970) with the yellow triangle - error 43. The strangest thing is all i needed to do was disabling both my cards in device manager and then enable again and it worked again, no error until the next restart ....I have a work-around but it would be great to solve this.
Stuffs I have done:

  • Uninstalled the cards in Device Manager (with and also without DDU) inside+outside of Safemode and installed the driver again
  • Updated mainboard bios version
  • Drivers tried: 368.69, 368.81

My setup: SLI GTX 970. 3 monitors (not in surround) - main connected via DP, others 2 DVI. Current driver version: 368.81. Win 10 Pro 64bit. I was also running this setup fine on win 8.1, this only happens in win 10 (clean install)

Thanks in advance