Hi there,

I've got a 15 inch Dell laptop with 4K screen. Using the Dell docking station, I'm running 2 external monitors connected over DP ports (LG's 2560*1080 and Dell's 1920*1080) - both external screens run at their respective native resolutions in the extended desktop regime.

Obviously, the 4K on 15 inch is a no-go so I use scaling to 200% on the laptop screen only to emulate 1920*1080. The screen is sharp. So far so good.


Some applications are distinctively blurry or rasterized when displayed on ANY of the external monitors.

For example, Word and Notepad are unusable as they are plain blurry to be used as text editors. Chrome and MSIE have distorted/blurred menu texts and rendering of pages is really poor and blurry. Same goes for Total Commander. ALL these applications display correctly on the native screen.

Now, Firefox and items such as windows settings are sharp on all three screens.

I already tried using the per-application setting to stop DPI scaling, but it did not help with Chrome and with Total Commander I ended up with a ridiculously oversized app :)

To add insult to the injury, the Skype's main window (with contacts) is OK on the laptop's screen - individual conversation windows on external monitors are grotesquely huge.

I resorted to using 1920*1080 resolution on the laptop's screen and no scaling - this rectified apps blurriness issue on external screens. Also, the laptop screen is set to 48Hz which to some extent which helped with inevitable blur.

Any ideas how to set up my setup so I have 3 sharp screens? :)