Windows 10: GeForce Go 6150? Solved

  1.    22 Jul 2016 #1

    GeForce Go 6150?

    Anyone have a working driver for the nVidia GeForce GO 6150 as used in laptops with the nForce 430 chipset?

    Trying to get 7 x64 Ultimate on an HP DV6000 AMD CPU laptop to a functioning state so that the upgrade to 10 will complete. Seems 10 does not like the Broadcom Wifi driver so I uninstalled and let Windows find something for it.

    I'd like to get the video going right before trying again. I have 7 searching for an update on Standard VGA Graphics Adapter but I'm not holding much hope. (Never have had such issues with 7 on *intel* based models of the DV6000 series.)

    The nVidia drivers linked here refuse to install, claiming "no compatible hardware". NVIDIA: GeForce 6150 LE - Windows 10 Forums
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    I am almost positive that this is one of those graphics adapters unsupported by win10, and you would have to upgrade to 10 by uninstalling your GPU drivers and use the microsoft basic display adapter, then install the nvidia driver afterwards...
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  3.    22 Jul 2016 #3

    I finally got 7 to download the proper graphics driver from Microsoft. The 10 upgrade ignored it and is sticking with the Basic Display Driver. The resolution of the LCD on this old HP DV6000 is 1280x820.

    I know the latest nVidia driver *should* support the 6150 GO, if extracted and the setup files that control what the installer sees as 'supported' are edited to include the proper information. Someone did that with a much older release a couple years ago for Windows 7. The latest release supports the desktop 6xxx GPU series. I was able to use the same nVidia installer on my MPC T2500 laptop (with a 6xxx series GPU) and on my desktop with a newer nVidia board, despite the installer claiming to be for 'notebook'.

    I'll try the Vista driver for a Compaq Presario V6133CL, which is what SIV is telling me this HP DV6000 actually is. Looks exactly like the DV6000 but on the HP site there are Vista drivers available for the "Compaq". For the HP version, there are no Vista drivers available despite that being an OS it shipped with.

    Much of the time the driver setups for different hardware are actually 100% identical in the driver files, it's only a text file that controls what it's allowed to install on and work with.

    Years ago I hacked UMAX SCSI flatbed scanner drivers for XP to make them work perfectly for an older model that UMAX insisted was absolutely NOT compatible with XP. It was a fairly simple job of copying and pasting and slightly editing a few lines from the setup.inf from the Windows 9x driver setup.inf so that the device name was included. Turned out it was fully supported by XP's WIA and Photoshop and other programs, and UMAX's TWAIN driver installed and also worked with it. (Another one was making an old TriGem video board work with 95B by combining some of the OEM files for 95a with the chip maker's 9x reference driver, and some other edits I've long forgotten. Got many "Thank you!" e-mails for years for it.)

    As to whether the latest nVidia driver is coded in the driver files to not have support for the GO 6150 or if it's merely been blacklisted (or not included at all) in the setup.inf, that is the question.

    I could *probably* figure out how to hack it to work. But I don't really *want* to have to do it myself. ;P
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  4.    23 Jul 2016 #4

    The Vista driver from HP runs and goes through the motions without a peep of an error, but still doesn't get used by 10. I tried a second time running it in Vista SP2 compatibility mode. Same result.

    I know this can be made to work but I'm about ready to roll it back to 7.

    EDIT: Got it to take it by going to Device Manager, uninstalling the Basic Display then instead of having it look for a driver I grabbed its digital nose and rubbed it in the extracted driver package from HP.

    Amazingly, it took it without complaint and automatically switched to 1280x800. Definitely going to leave hacks on the latest driver to someone else.

    EDIT Mark 2: Well this is sub-optimal. No text displays on the Start menu or the WiFi connections menu from the taskbar. Further digging needed.
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  5.    23 Jul 2016 #5

    Looks like we have a winner. After some searching turned up someone solving a Start menu issue by installing DirectX 9 after having to install an old video driver - I did that.

    OK, no instant fix so reboot. Well, that's *interesting* completely black screen with a mouse pointer. So I looked up how to get to Safe Mode without a functional GUI, did the hack to enable Legacy boot menu mode.

    Ran SFC /SCANNOW and all is (supposedly) fine. While that's grinding along I keep searching and find this...

    Down near the bottom, how to get the lastest GeForce GO 6150 driver for Windows 7. I used WinRAR to extract the CAB file. Did a manual install in Safe Mode with Device Manager. Crossed my phalanges and rebooted.

    HA! Text is back on the Start menu etc.

    So solved-ish.
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