Latest NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Drivers for Windows 10

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       21 Aug 2016 #421

    Kbird said: View Post
    The latest Drivers include a new Fast Sync Option for VSync on 9 and 10 Series cards , though I don't know if it's available with SLI ?
    I force on Fast Sync through Nvidia Inspector. Seems to work with SLI as I can run Rocket League at 200 FPS with no tearing.
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       22 Aug 2016 #422

    I posted a reply to this thread on 8/21 looking for help for a new Windows 10 compatible graphics card that replaced my non Windows 10 compatible graphics card and I can't find it. Any clue where I need to look? I am new to the forum.
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  3.    22 Aug 2016 #423

    it's post #419 Roger , but it looks like 1/2 the question got cut Off , so I wasn't sure what exactly you were asking for yesterday?

    You don't say what model your new GFX Card is either , the link is actually the BLUE text with Advanced Search at the end in your Pic but the download link for Nvidia Cards is here

    PS you either have an AMD Radeon or a Nvidia Card I think you combined the name in your other post ( ATI NVIDIA Gigabyte Radeon X600 PRO) but that maybe the old Card anyway?.
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    Windows 10 Anniversary Update
       22 Aug 2016 #424

    My old card is a ATI Radeon X600 Pro that does not have a Windows 10 driver. It was suggested that I get a new card that was Windows 10 compatible and purchased a Nvidia GEForce GT 710 . The slot I removed the old card from is a PCIe x 16 that is also specified for the new GT 710 card. I went to the Nvidia site and downloaded the Windows 10 Anniversary update specified by Brink and it is Version 372.54. I tried to install the driver before I installed the new card and it came back and said it could not find that hardware or something like that so I figured I would swap out the old card with the new GT 710 and then install the new driver.
    I am operating with my display using the MS Basic Display Adapter driver that got automatically installed when I installed Windows 10 according to speccy.
    My problem is after I install the new GT 710 card I get a blank screen when I power up and the boot hangs up and I have no indication of what has gone wrong. I reinstall the old Radeon x600 card, reboot and I get my screen back with the basic MS driver support that I am using now to communicate with this forum.
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  5.    22 Aug 2016 #425

    Are you using the same Cable etc as with the Radeon ? DVI ? I see specs say it is Dual Link a very old cable may not be , but I am unsure if you need Dual if you are not pushing high resolutions.

    This MSI card ?
    GT 710 2GD3H LP | MSI Global | Graphics card - The world leader in display performance

    You could use DDU and remove AMD and Nvidia Drivers , and then try the Nvidia Driver again with the card installed , sometimes things get messed up when switching Brands.

    Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) V17.0.1.0 Released. | WagnardMobile


    Display Driver Uninstaller Download version

    ***edit if the links above aren't working this is the Support Forum , and the latest release is in the very 1st Post at the Top of the Forum too.

    Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) Download Support - Wagnardmobile Forum

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       22 Aug 2016 #426

    I didn't mean to confuse you with MSI. That is the manufacturer of the card. Micro-Star Int'l Co., LTD. Also in the box was a CD labelled MSI Afterburner described as a graphics card utility.
    The card specs on the box are: GPU - GeForce GT 710, Memory size - 1GB DDR3, Memory Bus - 64 bit, Output - HDMI / DL-DVI-D / D-Sub, PCI-E 2.0.
    Also on the box was the the picture Hybrid BIOS Ready Windows 10, whatever that means.
    I meet all of the minimum system requirements and nothing was mentioned about a new VGA cable
    My power supply is 310 w.
    I am using the old VGA cable that came with PC. PC is ancient, January 2006 but runs good. Replaced HDD with a Samsung SSD.
    I don't do anything fancy, just plain video screen display for windows functions,no gaming just got the graphics card initially so I would not be using the graphics and memory from the motherboard.

    I am going to power down and reinstall the new card and try to boot up and observe everything closely to see exactly what happens and will let you know.
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  7.    22 Aug 2016 #427

    no confusion , just sometimes a particular model has issues , so a quick google may find that.

    I would say use DDU for sure since you are switching Brands , which is quite often an issue.

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    Windows 10 Anniversary Update
       22 Aug 2016 #428

    I reinstalled the GT 710 card powered up and the boot hung wit a blank screen. Powered down by holding power button, disconnected the VGA cable, powered up same problem, Boot hung and of course had blank screen. Power back down and remove the new GT 710 card. Power up and PC booted up successfully even though I had no display screen. You can tell by the audible sounds from PC. I then said what the H, I will connect the VGA cable to the integrated display adapter receptacle. I did so and there appeared was my power on psw screen.
    Here is my present status of my monitor.
    1. With old now Windows 10 supported graphics card, Radeon x600, I have a screen that is poor at best.
    2. Install GT 710 Windows 10 compatible graphics card. PC won't even boot up and have a blank screen.
    3. Remove both old and new graphics cards. Connect VGA cable to Integrated adapter connection. I have a decent monitor display that I can adjust.
    There must be something conflicting with that GT 710 card plugged into the PCI-E x 16 slot which prevents the PC from booting up. I went to the MSI web site for support and can find no help.
    Could it be something in my BIOS settings?
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       22 Aug 2016 #429

    It could be your Power Supply.

    The minimum requirement for the GT 710 is 300 Watts so I reckon with your 310 Watts your computer is running out of steam.
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    Windows 10 Anniversary Update
       22 Aug 2016 #430

    I was told by more than one source that since I am not loading down my PC with a lot of stuff that even a 280w PS would work. I asked the MSI vendor that sell the GT 710 card in a chat about PS requirements and he told me that I was OK.
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