I got two AOC monitors that have bad looking text. I have set clear type which did nothing. I have changed the contrast and brightness many times in windows and in the monitor setup. It did nothing. I have other monitors that look just fine. All are 1920. They are using VGA cables. Considering a screenshot won't work, I posted some photos to kind of compare. I have a fine monitor next to this one to compare. I can move a window onto it and the text looks fine. I can even alt+prntscr the bad monitor, paste it in photoshop, drag it to the good monitor and it looks fine. Everything is fine except letters. Specific webpages are quite illegible, for example, this one:

This is shocking to me. Windows font rendering isnt even close to what Ubuntu-p... | Hacker News

Current monitor:


Look at the edges of the i and t. They look pixelated.

Good monitor:


To make this further weirder, it looks worse in Internet Explorer than in Firefox, although both look bad on that monitor. So I think it's a pixel thing?