Hi people,

I have a strange problem that's causing me headaches with Windows 10 + games. I'm currently using a GTX 670, but have used an R9 390 (until i sold it) and have a GTX 1070 turning up from newegg in a few days.

The problem occurs when i plug my monitor (an Alienware 2310 [3D capable but I don't use the 3D anymore]) in (via DVI-D) and plug my TV in via HDMI (its a 4K Samsung TV). The TV displays the image incorrectly, as does the monitor(i use it to play games with my nephew when he comes over, like Lego and stuff, games that benefit the controller on the couch rather than mouse and keyboard at a desk). The TV is connected via a 10 metre HDMI cable. If I'm just running windows, it works fine. The problem is in games, and that the TV is obviously 4 times the monitors resolution, and when i duplicate the displays in Windows 10 options, i only want to run on the TV in 1080p. (My GTX 670 isn't capable of pushing higher resolutions). But when i duplicate the display, some games work ok, some games, on the monitor, display the top left quadrant of the display only. A lot of OpenGL games I've noticed do this, but there's no hard or fast rule.

Changing the options in-game does nothing, if I can even seen the options clearly.

Does anyone know a solution to fix this issue? I'll provide pictures if requested, but screen captures don't capture the issue well :S