Windows 10: removing intel hd graphics acer e5-511g Solved

  1.    27 Jun 2016 #1

    removing intel hd graphics acer e5-511g

    got a acer e5-511G. it got a nvidia geforce 810M with 1gb dedicated memory.

    i'll give you the link to it. Aspire E5-511G | Laptops - Tech Specs & Reviews - Acer

    i'm trying to play games which i've checked through Can You RUN It | Can I run that game | Game system requirements

    and it's more than laggy. i've tried checking the bios if i can unselect intelhd graphics in there or select which graphics driver i want to use with the computer. but its not there. or i've been looking at the wrong info.

    this laptop is better than the one i had when wow just came out and i had just gotten burning crusade (1st expansion)
    that computer had a 1.16ghz with 1gb graphics without intelhd. and i cant even play wow without the lag on this one.

    any clue to disabling intel hd and make it use only nvidia graphics? and with windows update need to stop updating intel hd if i wanted to remove it so that it doesnt reintall itself :)
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  2.    27 Jun 2016 #2

    I'm pretty sure if a laptop comes with a dedicated GPU, it will use that GPU.

    Maybe a software/hardware issue? Run some diagnostics on your P.C. Specifically for your GPU.

    (By the way, I don't think the GTX 810M is a very well performing card. According to GPU boss, GeForce 810M, your graphics card shares system RAM. Sorry to poop on your parade by the way.)

    Run 3DMark for example, or downlaoad GPU-Z. Here is a link to a seven forums article to help.

    Graphics Card Problems - Diagnose - Windows 7 Help Forums

    I wish you good luck.
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  3.    28 Jun 2016 #3

    when i helped my dear buy this computer i looked at everything according to performance. good cpu, lots of ram, hdd space and enough dedicated gpu ram along with a dedicated nvidia card. but i never thought that the intel would slow down the gpu this much. she wanted to use this laptop together with some recording software since she is a singer and it takes ages for that to startup. i've tried playing farming simulator 2013 with lowest graphics and it feels like a tabloid game u know the one u play on ur iphone..

    the problem is that the dedicated "gpu" is the intel hd... since i've looked in the bios during startup and there is nothing of choice to only use the nvidia technology in the laptop lol... i've tried uninstalling intel hd graphics. and its not 3000 or 4000. it's just intel hd graphics. so i uninstalled it and i looked on google on how to freeze or hide updates for certain software. and i rebooted. started windows fine but still there was something that slowed it down. i deactivated intel hd without any noticeable difference. it's just that i know what this computer would have been performing if i could not use intel hd together with it.

    i will look at the link you provided :)

    in a laptop it doesnt matter if it's a gpu only with 4gb or 2gb dedicated since sharing of memory just makes things collaborate easier sort of like shader memory for gaming :) as long as it's more or equal dedicated gpu memory of the program or the software or the entertainment (gaming) of your choice.

    EDIT: also thought of something.. vanilla minecraft runs with 15 fps, no mods, video settings to low.... thanks intel also set intel to high performance and in nvidia control panel to use java \ minecraft with it.
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  4.    28 Jun 2016 #4

    i did the test in the link. and i can't see nothing wrong with the gpu. since it's not a problem with the gpu i wanted to remove the intel and all my efforts didnt work. the laptop still works as before though... i set the unigine to use nvidia in the nvidia control panel.
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  5.    28 Jun 2016 #5

    i downloaded ddu and restarted in safemode and removed nvidia and intel. and it's almost perfect now only with microsoft basic display adapter.
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  6.    28 Jun 2016 #6

    Okay I think I know why you lag a lot in games.
    You either have a faulty CPU, or it's the fact that the GPU is bad.

    It only has 48 shader cores! That may seem like a lot but most gpu's these days have THOUSANDS. A lot of laptop integrated GPU's have at least the hundreds.

    And when you said it was perfect now, what did you mean by that? Is it fast again?

    If you can't seem to figure this out, contact Acer or contact a local computer repair guy to see if they can fix this as this is likely a hardware problem. But could you share your test scores on any benchmarks you tested?
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  7.    29 Jun 2016 #7

    well i removed the gpu driver and intel driver with display driver uninstaller. rebooted in safe mode as it recommended. i've used it before but this is different cause i think this laptop is dependent of the intel nvidia mashup because it gave a bsod when i restarted into safe mode through display driver uninstaller. removing the drivers in safe mode went fine. but when i started in normal mode again and downloaded the latest nvidia driver for windows 10 64bit for nvidia 810M then installing the driver it bsod again. so i figured restart and block the intel updates in windows update and let windows update download the nvidia driver. that worked.

    what i meant was that it was faster to log in and open browser and folders and programs using only microsoft basic display driver. and it doesn't stutter like when i used only intel on youtube.

    gonna mark this solved as i can't seem to get any further since i've now tried mostly everything. except contacting acer support. and maybe do some more fiddling :P hehe

    got no problem with intel at all it's only that when a laptop has intel things tend to go way slower than what the advertised performance is. i talked to the retailer where i bought this laptop. and they said it's "good for gaming also".
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  8.    29 Jun 2016 #8

    Maybe take it to a computer repair professional as this may be hardware related. Idk but I suggest it.
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  9.    30 Jun 2016 #9

    I have several laptops with both intel & nvidia.
    All you have to do (with both graphic drivers installed) is:

    open Nvidia control panel (right click desktop)
    got to: manage 3d settings
    in the global setting tab
    under preferred graphics processor:
    select high=preformance NVIDIA processor
    and press accept

    Or use program settings tab instead of global to select the programs/games you want to use the better GPU and save battery when not on mains power.

    If memory serves the intel is directly connected to the display, and the nvidia is connected via the intel, although it does not do any real work it only accepts frames from the nvidia and passes them to the screen.
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  10.    02 Jul 2016 #10

    i know that if i open nvidia control panel and set "nvidia high performance" to the program i want to use if it is games or programs.

    anyway i talked to the retailer Forside - and they told me it's a generally OK laptop for gaming and i'm pretty satisfied as of now since i managed to do it right, by installing both intel and nvidia drivers and tested games while deactivated intel and not. and it works better with intel and nvidia working together.

    so what you say that intel giving frames to the monitor via the nvidia gpu and the gpu just takes care of the performance. quite right.
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