Wow, just installed the GT 730 on this old machine, and she is most definitely more noticeably running much better! None of any of the other issues I have chatted about or posted previously are occurring now. The graphics card was the problem. The fan was not running and there was a short circuit. I can see a big difference on this old CPU, being a lot of the power is taken to the GPU on this 730, where the other was so low, it hardly registered any score. So just to know, it is well worth $20-30-or even 50 bucks to upgrade an older slower PC with a better, not pricey, graphics card made today, not yesteryear. Thanks for everyone's input and help! The installation went so smooth, it literally took 5 minutes, a reboot and bang! I did download the MSI Kombuster, I guess it is okay to monitor the heat.

Thanks again!