Had to reinstall win10 on one of my comps, it has a AMD 4 core cpu and 6670 AMD video card running newest drivers and this is the first time its been minimizing games that are not set to the desktop resolution. I did notice windose had to shut down for awhile to install a big update I might have saw something about upgrading to pro(its already pro tho)
(my i7/nivida 760 dose not have this issue and I redid it Sunday)

Mostly Steam games L4D was giving me some issues but it's working now as long as I have it set to desktop resolution.

I have tried all types of compatibility mode (admin,highdpi,win 8-vista) nothing seems to work, I thought it was the up scaling option on the card software(need it on for starcraft 1) but its not, tried rebooting too.

I am nearing my wits end (working on this comp since Tuesday installing widnose, updates,software,drivers,30 games, I swear steam could simplify installing)I need to organize data and get this darn thing backed up so I can give it back to uncle. but if ti keeps doing this I might have to reinstall windose.... halp me!