I have a Windows 10 64-bit ASUS installed in a church. It's primary function is to play video. As such, I have a 24" monitor hooked up through a DVI cable, which sits at our audio/video console. Then I have HDMI out running into an HDMI to SDI converter, which runs to an SDI splitter and out to 6 TVs placed throughout the building, each with an SDI to HDMI converter to bring the picture into the TV.

I've got them set up as extended display, with the 24" monitor as my main display. Both display 1 and display 2 are set at the same resolution and refresh rates. The extended desktop displays fine, and we have our video player set so that we pull up the controls on the main display and the video itself outputs to display 2. That works perfectly.

However, the one problem I find is that anytime I pull the mouse off of the main display aND onto display 2, all of the TVs go black for a few seconds. If I stop moving the mouse or drag the pointer back onto display 1 the picture comes back. The 24" main display always stays on; only the extended displays lose picture. So if I want to display anything where I need to be able to work within the program window on that display 2 (to navigate a website or something so that the audience can view it on the screen), I cannot do it. I can drag a program to the extended screen, but it will only work for a second or two before going black as long as I'm trying to use the mouse on that display. Even if it is just sitting on the desktop out sites the same thing.

Before we had the current setup for our system, this same PC was hooked to a projector through an extended HDMI cable that was attached at a wall plate. When it was hooked in that way (without the SDI converters between), this problem did not occur.

I have tried turning on pointer trails, adjusting resolution down, updating the graphics driver, and changing from extended display to duplicate display, but so far nothing has eliminated the problem. On duplicate display any mutton of the mouse would cause the TVs to go black but the 24" monitor would be fine. I know others that have pretty much the same setup in their building as we do, and none I've talked to have experienced this same problem.

Amy suggestions for what I might try in Windows to get rid of this issue? Or do you think that perhaps it must be some problem with the HDMI to SDI converter? Again, it displays HD video without a flaw. It is only the mouse pointer that is causing the extended displays to go dark.