So I have tried everything. I update the drivers for both my graphics cards and they are both the latest drivers.

When I connect my TV to my laptop, the TV screen goes blank for a few seconds (normal) and then I get a searching for signals...and then a few minutes later....no signal.

The laptop is a brand new Acer aspire v nitro. The TV is a much older Samsung one 40 inch LED. Model number: ua40d5003br

I tried the usual Windows + p, etc...but like my computer just refuses to detect the display. Settings says no other display detected, and control panel display settings only shows one display. I factory reset the TV and everything....still nothing.
I don't know how to use nvidia control panel to do this cos there is no display options I can see there and Intel HD graphics center doesn't detect the display either.

Any suggestions? The cable is 100% working and so is the TV. I don't really have any other way of testing the HDMI port on my laptop as the tv is the only output monitor I have.

Thanks in advance,