I have a dell precision 7710 laptop. It has a Quadro M5000M.

In NVidia Control Panel I have adobe Acrobat DC to use the Quadro card, but on the task bar, the Quadro Activity icon does not show acrobat using the Quadro.

If I run Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, Photoshop and Lightroom show it is using the Quadro GPU, but Acrobat does not use the Quadro instead the integrated GPU.

Nvidia Says this is an issue with Acrobat. Adobe Chat had no idea.

I have some large drawing pdf files that take some time to render on the screen.

Should Acrobat DC with Creative Cloud use the dedicate GPU or the iGPU?

I have not tried turning off integrated graphics in the bios. That will turn off the iGPU and Optimus, but then my battery life will suffer since it will always sue the Nvidia GPU.