I have a HP 250 G3 laptop.
I have windows 10 build 15.11 with all the updates.
On device manager , under Graphic Adapter section , i see 2 graphic adapter :
Intel HD Graphics Family
Nvidia Geforce 820M
On this laptop i have installed Office 2016.
When i open Word or Excel or any other office program , i get a similar error like :
" Microsoft Word has stopped working..."
After 2-3 seconds the message window is gone and nothing happend. The program is not open.
On Event Viewer , i see an error :
Fault application name "...."
Fault module name : igd10iumd32.dll version
I've found that this file is related with Intel HD graphics driver. I have updated the drivers with the latest version , but the problem is the same. After i have uninstalled the Intel HD drivers , and keep the Microsoft basic standart driver.After that all the office applications are working correctly. I have reinstalled again graphic drivers , and the problem reappear. I've done a format and reinstall system and programs , but the problem is the same.
How can i resolve this problem ? Thank you !