First off, the part of my setup that the following pertains to:

Windows 10 (x64)
NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 [Display adapter] (drivers are current march 2016)
Mitsubishi MEUSPTV11 [Monitor] (73.2"vis, March 2009)
Insignia NS-HTIB51A [Stereo/Receiver]
Microsoft Basic Display Adapter (No ACPI support)

The monitor is a large screen TV that i connected to a multimedia receiver (basically my home stereo, that consolidates all my devices to one surround sound transmitter, ex. PS3, PC, Cable, Xbox original, PS2, DVD, via HDMI ports.
3 HDMI in, 1 HDMI out. The devices go to the stereo's ins, the stereo's out goes to the tv.

That setup worked somewhat. The TV was never properly recognized by win10. Many things that appeared to be software buggery may not have been the cause, but a hardware change fixed everything. It appears CEC or Controlled External Components was at fault.

I unplugged the pc hdmi out from the receiver (stereo/receiver), and plugged it directly into the tv. Now the screen is recognized, my desktop configuration doesn't vary between logons.
Unfortunately, now the hdmi sound from the pc only goes to the tv speakers. I have three different audio devices. One on board, one supplemented for home studio recording, and the nvidia card. So I just adjusted which device handled audio, in my case, a coaxial out of the pc to a coax in on the receiver. An optical out would suffice for dts surround but you may have to resort to old school stereo 3.5mm or RCA. Another option is, depending on your monitor, an audio out that would probably be coax. Then plug everything into the tv and run the audio from the tv to the stereo/receiver, or, go online shopping and get a digital sound card for less than 10 bucks.

Side note:
Having the Microsoft driver installed almost guarantees safe mode availability. If you can get to safe mode by tweaking your bios to logon procedure, (press f8 frantically, hope for the interrupt) Try disabling your display driver and install the MS and enable it. if you can't get to your login, there's nothing you can do. I always keep it installed but disabled just in case. Open control panel and install new hardware, display adapter, Microsoft basic display adapter.

If you have a second hard drive with an old operating system, and know how to get to it... maybe something could be done.
Hope this was thorough enough.

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