GIGABYTE GV-R736OC-2GD I am having problems running three monitors 1 x disply port using active adapter 2 x dvi they display fine but when I wish to turn off monitor 2 (my main desktop) with its own power switch it turns of the monitors 1 and 3 feed from the card? and the settings for my primary display alter? I contacted Gigabyte and their reply was "Thank you for your kindly mail and inquiry. Basically, to turn off the monitor power button won't influence the whole monitors functions. About the issue you mentioned, you can try with other power supply unit, other monitors, other graphics cables or install this graphics card in other motherboard to see if it is the hardware issue." I have tried most of what they suggest.
I am running the latest amd crimson software for the graphics card I have also have run a Linux distro manjaro but it happens also on it.

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