Windows 10: Windows 10 Freeze with buzzing sound: AMD Driver

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  1.    15 Feb 2016 #1

    Windows 10 Freeze with buzzing sound: AMD Driver

    Hi guys, i have a problem, i have windows 10 x64, and when i watch on YouTube my pc do some freeze with buzzing sound for 2 seconds, this process is repeated after 2 hours approximately, sometimes my AMD client do some crash, when this happened my pc work fine without crashes. I can do something ? I don't want to close AMD host application.
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    Hello ionutz Welcome to the Ten Forums!

    I see that's an Asus model video card you have listed in your system specs there. The driver and app support page for that model card is found at STRIX-R7370-DC2OC-2GD5-GAMING | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global

    The sound suggesting a video lock suggests a driver may have become corrupt where a complete refresh of the video driver may be all you need to see while leaving the AMD app on. You can download and unpack the update from the support page there and then uninstall the drive in the Device Manager to then see the fresh install of the updated driver go on fresh and be made active by Windows. The support page there also mentions two MS patches for known issues
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  3.    16 Feb 2016 #3

    I uninstalled the driver from "Display Adapters" in Device Manager, and windows activate the driver automatically again. I don't need a fresh install, right ? I mean, for my video card driver.
    Update: I uninstalled the driver and i installed again, same, i have same freeze with this buzzing sound
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    You may have to take a step back and see the app as well as driver removed. Sometimes going with an earlier version for a driver/app combination will see a problem resolved when the latest has a bug of some type. Seen that on different occasions over the years not being limited to 10 only.

    When going back to the Asus support site there and selecting 8.1 x64 as the version the driver information still shows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 as the versions supported by the one driver. The AMD Radeon support shows the Radeon R7 360 and R7 370 Crimson edition models on the same page since the two cards apparently use the same graphics driver which is all too commonly seen as far as shared drivers between different model lines. AMD Radeon™ R7 Series Graphic Cards designed for Online Gaming

    When selecting the Drivers + Support option to arrive at the download page, Desktop
    you will find two sets first being the 12/17 Catalyst 15.12 and the hot fix update below that came out on the 4th of this month being the Cat. 16.1.1 hotfix. And then there's the tab for Optional downloads for the AMD Chipset drivers 15.12 and RAIDXpert utility used for syncing multiple cards together.

    On the first download tab under Features you have the choice with the 15.12 of either seeing the full Catalyst package or the second for the essentials only being the two choices. besides the hot fix. And since you are counting on the app portion the first would be what to go with to replace everything fresh. Since the driver change didn't help your problem is likely stemming from the application side of the mix.

    Another thing to look into as well would be the Adobe Flash Player depending on which browser you are using to watch Youtube clips with since a bug in the browser since YT clips are web based is separate from video card issues. While not YT clips but lately being seen with some other embedded videos the 64bit Firefox 44 had been acting up and freezing solid. This is still the 44.0.0 release on here at the moment while the 44.0.2 was flashing at the wrong time the other day and needs to be looked into here.
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  5.    19 Feb 2016 #5

    I use Google chrome Version 48.0.2564.116 m, is not the browser problem i think, i install that hotfix, but same, this problem persist.
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       19 Feb 2016 #6

    Generally the browsers will see some type of addon you can get for flash player, Youtube, etc. With the 64bit Firefox here I was taking a good look at the options where there are actually close to 15.6 thousand addons! With FF having been around for well over a decade now being one of the early open source and most popular browser other then IE had been at one time there was lot written up for it!

    I did come across a possible solution for you however. Since the Adobe Flash Player is an old standard being replaced by HTML5 as pointed out in one solution for Flash in games and online videos being a problem the game part is unfixable according to one source that provides some steps for dealing with video playback issues like the sound locked in a loop type crash you are describing. Adobe Flash in Google Chrome problems? Heres how to fix them.

    One possible fix until the Chrome Canary 49 release comes out with a fix included is something found on the Google Chrome forum. Chrome Browser

    The newer release with a fix may be what you need while looking at other browsers would be a good move as well.
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  7.    19 Feb 2016 #7

    I understood, but I have this problem again in games and all this stuff with sound on PC
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       19 Feb 2016 #8

    Are these games web based or more like Steam titles where each sees a local install but you log into an online account? If installed on the system then you may need to start looking at sound drivers being a possible source since an incorrect driver can see pc games get touchy at times. Onboard or expansion card? Realtek drivers have been known to cause problems as well as Creative! If you have an expansion card or onboard seeing 10 drivers you might end up needing to go with 8.1 drivers instead. I ran into that here with the older Creative card not seeing past 8.1 but working without any problem. The second desktop is a micro atx mini tower there using onboard and originally slapped together to have a spare case onhand but so far has yet to see any games run on that.

    When going to knock off a couple of hours here the same problem of any games crashing or having issues on 10 are also seen on 7 ruling 10 out except for one title that will stall upon exit where you have to click the cancel button if not bring up the Task Manager!
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  9.    20 Feb 2016 #9

    Yes, i have realtek audio driver, in device manager i have 2 on "Sound, video and game controllers" "AMD High Definition Audio Device" and "High Definition Audio Device" the second one is from realtek, I think you're right here, i had windows 8.1 and is works great, no problem until the 10. Right now i will try to install Realtek Audio Device for 8.1. On Realtek website all drivers is for 10 and 8.1, is not the same ?
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       20 Feb 2016 #10

    If you have onboard audio as well as a separate audio card you would disable the onboard which would have seen the automatic clash from the beginning. Where the DM is showing multiple audio devices and you don't have a separate sound card you could simply try disabling the other audio device to see if that has some type of resource conflict going on. For video cards that would generally be a patch for digital audio input rather then for any audio output however. You patch a camcorder or other external device to use the default audio output instead.

    If the particular version for the onboard being the Realtek driver is at fault either a newer or older release often will solve a problem fast. You would either look up the make and model board and go direct to that manufacturer's support site or if you know the exact audio chip look that up on the Realtek home site. Realtek

    Just remember Realtek handles other type of devices like nic cards and even automotive devices seeing support as well. You first need to look up your board however to see what the specifications show as far as being able to look up the chip number like AC'97 Audio Codecs or something more specific when going to the download page seen there.

    As for using 8.1 drivers 10 drivers may not even be out yet being the latest and still barely new version. Sometimes it can take a full year for 3rd party support to get busy and actually release updated drivers for something! Been there too many times with other expansion cards like tv tuner/video capture devices as well as for the sound cards while Creative has been much better at seeing beta versions available much much sooner then seen with other brands over the years!
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