I have a Lenovo IdeaPad p500 laptop with a Intel HD 4000 graphics card and is running Windows 10 that has issues when attempting to connect to an old Polaroid monitor of mine. The cable used to connect them is a VGA cable, and as soon as the cable is connecting them, with the monitor on or off, my laptop's screen quickly changes to a smaller resolution (with black bars on the side of the screen), then erratically goes completely black for a second. The screen comes back, in a different resolution, and I cannot interact with anything. My laptop notifies that "Display driver Intel HD Graphics Drivers for Windows 8(R) has stopped responding and successfully recovered." If I unplug the cable from either device within 5-10 seconds of the driver first crashing, the laptop reverts to normal as if nothing had happened. If not, the laptop crashes, saying "VIDEO TDR FAILURE" and then proceeds to restart. I upgraded my laptop to Win 10 a while ago, and has since then worked with the same VGA cable and monitor and cable that I am explaining about now. I know that the cable works, and the monitor too, since they both properly function with another PC. I did not consciously update any drivers in between, but I did connect the monitor to the other PC in between. I've now tried to change the display resolution, update and change the graphics drivers to ones for windows 10, but I still get the same problem. Also, the laptop is able to connect easily and without issue to totally different SHARP monitor via HDMI cable, but that is too large to keep on my desk. I've thought about an HDMI-VGA converter, but is there any fix to this issue? What is going on?