Hi there

Installed this to a PROLIANT Gen 8 HP microserver - I removed the RGB connector (just unplug from the card) , and used the DVI and HDMI connectors on the small form connector -- just unscrew the standard size bracket and screw the (supplied) small form factor one.

Set the BIOS to disable the rather pathetic VGA built in video on the server MOBO and enable the Nvidia card. Option on server BIOS - use external video and disable internal one).

Brilliant -- worked straight OOB (although you do get a DVD with Drivers on) - you might need to add the HD audio driver as well - as there's no audio card on the Server so simply use the HD audio via HDMI / DVI outputs. You can route to optical output from your HDMI device if you need to.

For me just plugging in a speaker set to the Monitor headphone out works fine. (The DAC in the monitor is good enough.).

No probs at all -- drives a 4K monitor too - and plenty of sound as well -- typical servers don't have sound but I'm using mine as a "sort of desktop" too.

For 63 EUR (inc Tax) a great piece of kit. Goes in a Pcie 2 16 express slot (half height).

For those looking at small form factor boxes this one is a winner (note not talking here to extreme gamers though). !! Ensure the small brackets are included when buying --Amazon believe it or not pointed this out and their package included the small form factor brackets.

Not normally a fan of amazon but in this case they were 100% OK (and cheap).