Hi, there:

First of all, please excuse my English. It is not my native Language.

I am not sure if I downloaded a driver which was not meant for my Graphic Card (AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series - 1 MB).

The fact is, after that I started having problems with my Windows 10 setup, to the point that I decided to reinstall Windows from scratch.

The problem is that I used to have a very nice looking setup with my 2 monitors: The main monitor is a 32" Philips HD TV (Model Nº 32PFL2507/F8) and the other is a 22" Samsung HD Monitor (Type LS22D300).

Main was connected via VGA and the other via HDMI.

Suddenly, my main Monitor does not look fine. The characters look blurry with blueish and redish tones.

I have downloaded completely updated drivers (Crimson version 16.1) from AMD website and have tried all kinds of setups -including Clear-type tuning- to make the blurrings disappear, but it has been impossible.

I also have run CCleaner, Malawarebytes and Windows Defender to make sure there is nothing nasty in my PC.

What annoys me is the other monitor works perfectly.

Now, my current setup has the Main Monitor connected via HDMI too, but nothing changes.

But there is another problem coming from my old setup: Suddenly I tried, for example, to copy a large amount of files or folders to move them to another disk (as backup for the Windows reinstall) and I couldn't. Or I pasted some files from one folder to other and they did not appear, or had to do refresh (F5) so I could see them.

Any help would be appreciated!

Best regards from sunny Bogota, Colombia!

Tito López

P.S.: My computer's specs:

Computer type: PC/Desktop

OS: Windows 10CPU: Intel Core 7-3770K CPU @3.50GHzMotherboard: Intel D101GGCMemory: 8.00 GBGraphics Card(s): AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series