Hi, I have been having an issue recently with newer games. The games I play now are starting to override my gpu screen brightness settings and reverting them back to original brightness.

Basically I have my screen brightness set lower than normal through my gpu control panel. When I play some of these newer games now they override my gpu settings and revert them back to normal, even after the game is exited. I have to then go back into my gpu cotrol panel and set it back to what I had it originally.

This has happened with 2 different graphics cards, Nvidia and AMD both using their gpu display settings panel. Which would be Nvidia Control Panel, and AMD Cataclysm/Crimson Control Panels. Also with different drivers. The games I've had issues with are Fallout 4, Warhammer Vermintide, and now Ghost in the Shell Online. So I don't know if its an issue just for me or if that's just how games are being made now to use their brightness settings to override mine. Any thoughts?