Hi everyone. I was having here a bit of a problem, my laptop , where i took out the lcd, because it wasn't working, i've been using an external screen via vga with windows 10, but yesterday i made a full reinstall using a usb with the windows 10 install booting. After pressing the key to boot from the usb, the external screen just gave an "Input out of range" error(resolution too high). I searched the web and found out about the advanced boot options, then pressed F8 while booting, and enabled the low resolution mode.. I installed windows and after the windows logo, right in the first boot, it displays the error again, but this time since it's the first boot i can't use the F8 neither the startup settings to enable low-res mode, even tried "repair my computer" with the install usb but the startup settings option is missing.. Can someone help me? I really need the laptop