Bit of a long story but I'll try to be clear as I can be.

So yesterday my system was working just fine, had windows 10 installed for a month. When I first install windows 10 the first nvidia driver I tried kept crashing. Change it to another version and everything was just fine.

I had been asked to get photos off a friend old hard drive, which I went and tried. My computer didn't like this at all, it booted past the BIOS and stayed at a black screen then restarted. Touching the old hard drive I could feel there was no spin up in the disk so I turned off the power and took out the old hard drive as I presumed it was dead.

I then tried to boot up my pc to windows which worked for a few minutes, turned on a game and the screen went black and then the beep from going past the BIOS sounded. Got back into windows and left it running for a while and a black screen came up again, only a browser running, and finally the black screen went away with a error message saying the graphics card driver had stopped working.... This happened a few times more till the computer restarted again with no notice and went into a recovery loop.

I tried a few different methods to recover the system, from startup repair to hard reset. Neither worked and I had to download a iso of windows 10 and do a clean installation. So back in windows 10 and now trying to get graphics drivers installed the driver crashes as soon as it installs and hangs on the nvidia hd audio. I have tried a few different versions of the drivers and they have all done the same thing.

Going to try and install windows 7 again and see if it is a window 10/ nvidia drivers or my graphics card.