Windows 10: AMD Radeon Mobility 5xxx and Windows 10 just NOT working with me !

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  1.    30 Sep 2015 #21

    Correct, one of the options that were mentioned .. I saved all the "key" advice in a txt file for "upgrade" usage
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       01 Oct 2015 #22

    Good Luck then! The fact is that sooner or later we will all be forced to upgrade in order to have access to newer applications and devices. Some new applications deliberately require at least Windows 7, they won't work on XP or Vista. To make matters worse, they even demand 64-bit version, so everyone still using an old computer with 32-bit Windows has started to see limitations. In Greek we say "if you cannot avoid it, relax and enjoy it". I think the English version goes "If you cannot beat them, join them", so cross your fingers and go for it...
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  3.    01 Oct 2015 #23

    There is nothing new about all this fuzz ... I remember the transitions to previous upgrade version of Windows, a lot of them as I was prof. involved (and yes I'm old enough to have lived many many of them !). There were the same kind of problems but this time it seems that MS has been rolling out far too soon as far to fast ... If one looks at the "insider" build .. well, there is still a lot going on ! There is a lot that needs to mature on the present "public" version !
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       01 Oct 2015 #24

    As usual, in every new Windows version there are some features that you would like having in the earlier version. Also some settings are done differently than previous version, so there is a challenge for us professionals to learn them in order to help our customers. And as always newer version is just an upgrade to the previous version, meaning that you can perfectly do whatever you want with the previous version, no need to upgrade, unless Microsoft and their partners decide otherwise. That's why I said that sooner or later will be forced to upgrade. Not for any true technical reason, a driver can always be written and optimized for the previous Windows version, and any application can be made compatible. It's just because they don't want us using the old Windows version for too long. They want us to upgrade. One example is the NX/PAE check in Windows 8 and 10. There are ways to bypass the check and install Windows 8 and 10 in a trusty old Pentium 4 3GHz PC with at least 1GB RAM and WDDM display drivers. The performance is the same as in Windows 7, if not better and I never saw any compatibility problems. But Microsoft decided it was about time to buy a new PC, so the checks to render our old ones "incompatible". Of course early adopters frequently have issues until they are solved, but we cannot avoid it forever. The sooner you upgrade (apart from the problems) the sooner you become familiar with and do your job better. Since this time the upgrade is free for genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems, why not?
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  5.    01 Oct 2015 #25

    Although getting off topic ... The big culprit is Hardware compatibility ... I run the insider W10 on 2 bone old computers. One is a recycled and trimmed Acer 1640 with a "proprietary" mobo and an E5300 cpu, the other one is a self built PC with a socket 775 MSI board and a E6800 cpu where the hd is even IDE not SATA ... No compat problems whatsoever. it seems to me that "laptops" have a lot more problems than desktops.
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  6.    07 Nov 2015 #26

    Rigel said: View Post
    Well I can join the choir
    I tried to do a W7Home to W10 transition on my son's Laptop which is an ASUS N71JQ (same graphics card as in this topic) and I nicely screwed up the upgrade as the screen went black and I had no idea what to do. After adding an external screen I tried a lot of things to get problems fixed but nothing worked especially as the W10 was completely crippled by an "unseen" reset that I initiated after an hour or 2.
    I reverted back to W7 and everything was fine again. Then I tried to upgrade the "old" native driver (8.something) to the latest 15.7.1 under W7 and fell into the same "black screen" pit again ... The system became completely unstable even with both screens attached. Seemed like the drivers were never properly installed even after a re-install (no clean up utility, I may lose the one working driver). I got screens larger than the screen size but at very low resolution, like a stretched 800x600 ... No settings for the native 1600x900 laptop resolution available !
    I got the PC back on the old driver by uninstalling/deleting the AMD driver through Device Manager.
    Now I have no clue if running the W10 upgrade will get me into the pits again, even after having read postings all over the internet for several hours and part of the night !
    The AMD forum is not of much help either ...

    Hi there everyone,

    We're not alone, but still there is no good solutions. I've got an Asus N71JQ too (with the Mobility HD Radeon 5730) and got the same issue.
    Even when I was on Windows 7, last GPU drivers were outdated (but still functionnal)

    You, who spent a lot of hours of your life looking for solutions of this problem, I just want to say that I feel for you.

    What can we do to make AMD-ATI care about us?
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       07 Nov 2015 #27

    Download latest drivers directly from AMD site. Go to the Manually select your driver section and then select 1) Notebook graphics, 2) Radeon HD series, 3) Mobility Radeon HD 5xxx series, 4) Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit (depending on your windows version). Download the first link, the latest full Catalyst Software Suite. It should fix your problems. You may have to update your chipset drivers first. Visit manufacturer and download the chipset drivers. If you know which chipset it is you can download latest drivers directly from Intel or AMD. Install the chipset first, as other devices depend on it, and then install Catalyst.
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  8.    07 Nov 2015 #28

    Thank you but this is kind of outdated info. It points to the AMD driver released on July 29th rev 15.7.1. that's the one I downloaded in August and it is not working either on the ASUS N71JQ. I did not try out the beta version of the driver because I cannot risk to longer immobilize a notebook that is needed for work.
    I mentioned this in my opening post under #16.
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       07 Nov 2015 #29

    Have you updated the chipset drivers? It could improve compatibility.
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  10.    07 Nov 2015 #30

    There is no chipset update file for the N71JQ laptop on the ASUS support pages .. not for AFAIK.
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