So I have a dual-monitor setup hooked up to my port replicator for my Dell E7240. I have my main monitor hooked up with a DVI cable and my second monitor hooked up with a DisplayPort (from the port replicator) to HDMI (on the monitor) cable. This setup has worked fine over the past year, and I didn't have an issue with it on Windows 10 up until today. Now, I only see an image on the monitor in the BIOS and the Windows 10 startup screen (duplicated on both screens), but once I get to the login screen, the monitor does not detect a signal. I've reconnected the cable, attached/detached the laptop, and updated to the latest Intel HD 4400 drivers from Intel's site. The other interesting thing is that although there is no picture, it detects both monitors in the Device Manager. I'm pretty confused why this stopped working as I haven't changed anything. Any ideas?


EDIT: Fixed it by searching a little deeper (kinda tricky when everyone words it differently :/ ) and hitting the Windows key + P and clicking "Extend" brought it back!