Hey there,

I know that this is quite an old thread, but I felt that my reply might still help the OP or someone else still using the Y560. I myself am still using the IdeaPad Y560 as one of my portable machines and have also upgraded to Windows 10 on it.

In short there's no way to completely disable the Ati Radeon 5730 dedicated card under Windows 10 or at least I haven't found a way so far. What I've done is actually the opposite - I disabled the Intel card in the BIOS by forcing the laptop to use only the dedicated card. This allowed me to use the latest official drivers from AMD without experiencing any issues at the time of the upgrade to Windows 10 (around August/September 2016) - I haven't really updated since then. I decided to stick only with the dedicated card for a few reasons - better performance in Adobe Photoshop and other GPU intensive applications, performance in games, HDMI-Output and the use of PowerPlay feature of the official AMD drivers that wasn't available in the official (very outdated) drivers from Lenovo for Win7. Disabling the Intel GPU saves a little bit of power and with PowerPlay kicking in I still get just short of 2 hours battery life on a more than 5 year old laptop, which I find more than enough since I have a more portable machine for longer work without a power supply. In short if you're still using the Y560 I would suggest to try and go the other way about it and only use the dedicated GPU. Additionally, newer drivers might even provide a better PowerPlay optimization. You can also try using the built in Battery Saver function of Win10.