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So basically all you could do is trying to prove you know math ? that is good for you , now the thing is your math is proving my proved theory already , that they could do things in 2 GBs VRams or they can do it in 20 GBs based on how optimized they work things so they can easily render your hardware uncapable just by believing that they need to take of the load of compression and decompression time of texture on CPU by just filling the GPU VRam instead while in reality they could just even use 256 x 256 textures for an NPC so small that is hardly noticed on screen . Ugh this is turning out to be so lame convo , you are trying to prove your self knowledgeable while you just offer nothing really , ugh , i'm out , continue with your rant on your own , adios .

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Don't understand why would a post like this drive some people sleepless ?
This went from merely pointing out on my end that compression is not uncommon because you were trying to say that it is when its not.

nIGHTmAYOR said:
Also texture compression is a vague name often utilized right when it comes to mobile devices titles (Where they apply certain compressions such as ETC all the way to ASTC) but when it comes to PC the majority use what is called "Loosy" compression , which while referenced to as a compression , this is actually the textures being hardly touched , the source of information comes from ripping/piracy sites that actually attempt to recompress textures of ripped titles to minimize its size and thus download time .
This is also incorrect information. Not the case Compression is used in game assets, its common because it needs to be.

Using 2k and 4k maps its easy to saturate VRAM fast compression is needed to get around that. The math i displayed earlier is showing you as an example that it scales up as map size gets bigger that was the whole point of the example, just use that example but plug it for 2k maps and then 4k maps and you will see how fast it scales. 8GB is bare minimum these days but it does not take long to saturate that.

I never said that its not possible for games to push the boundary of requirements because that is possible we already know computers is a conglomerate so games push the boundary it means that GPU manufacture gets throwback it means that semi conductor manufactures gets a throwback etc it means youtube infulecencer get to make content about the new improved or revised parts or systems and bad publicity is still publicity.

It is also more common in games these days to have poor memory management because memory management can be tricky.

Is 12GB VRAM Enough For Future Gaming?-ssss.jpg

Is 12GB VRAM Enough For Future Gaming?-sss1.png

The above screenshot is playing the game, the second screen shot is exiting from gameplay back to main menu but there is a memory leak as the game is not releasing memory. This is something that went on for years in this game. I kept making enough noise and they have finally after years just started addressing this issue.

This is not uncommon either but basically games need to address memory management early on in the stack, the average user on this game will bring the argument that the game is not optimized because it in alpha well its been in alpha for 10 years and performance of this degree is not abstract. Performance is something that need to be addressed at the beginning. Not right away but definatley not after years of dev time.