BLaZiNgSPEED said:
Hello, many thanks for your response! So indeed I'm not alone.

I returned back to Windows 10 1903. The Driver version that was auto-installed with Windows update is Nvidia 432.00 and in my case it is no longer triggering these WMI Errors. I can actually now recall this is the exact same Nvidia driver I had with 1903 prior to the fresh re-installation 2 years ago.

I have no idea if updating to the latest drivers under 1903 will trigger the errors again. I have no guts to try this..

But one thing I can tell you is that disabling NVDisplay.Container and just running with the latest drivers doesn't trigger this error at all. I was wondering whether updating to the latest Nvidia drivers without updating the Control Panel will stop the error?

I don't know if it is the control panel or the driver responsible for the errors. Display Driver Uninstaller, I do not think will work as when I updated to 1909 from a clean install I made sure to disable automatic driver update by Windows Update and tried latest drivers and the errors were triggered regardless..

But 1903 with old Nvidia 432 drivers are not causing these errors. I also noticed these errors were triggered when monitor will wake up from sleep, something that never happens under the older drivers unless NVDisplay.Container is disabled at windows startup.
What part in my post regarding down grading the driver to certain versions not upgrading to latest was hard to get ? :)

Btw this error only surface for 8xxx and 9xxx series if they install any version higher than 425.31

And trust me , latest isn't always the greatest , try out 399.24 and notice the difference in game play