Some window panel are not displayed when driven by a graphic card but they will be when drive by another one

My English and technical skills not perfect so I will describe my problem

On my PC, I got 2 graphic cards that are driving 4 LCD
- Nvidis GEForce GT630
- Nvidia GeForce GTX550 TI

On my browser (Chrome or Opera) I got a password utility application. When I click on the button, a new window panel will open to show a list of site and their hidden password / user name.

Now the problem.
The monitors that are driven by the GTX550 TI will not show the password panel or only a litte section of the top left corner
Screen capture
Screenpresso Cloud

Same browser, but used from the GT 630 monitors
The proper panel is visible
Screenpresso Cloud

I did update the driver. It is the same for both. Problem was not there before upgrading to Win 10

I did the FurMark test. No problem
What is the proper way to describe this problem? I can.t search on Google because I don't know what to look for