I recently upgraded to a new monitor (MSI Optix G271) and wanted to take advantage of the 144Hz refresh rate, which my old video card (Radeon HD5850) can only support via DisplayPort. Everything works great except for the fact that whenever the monitor goes to sleep after inactivity, upon waking the display, it will disconnect and reconnect (you even hear the corresponding Windows sounds) and all active windows get resized and moved around.

This doesn't happen with HDMI and from Googling a bit for the past few days, it looks like a common DisplayPort and Windows issue. I'm curious to know if anyone else has encountered this and has found a solution that doesn't involve installing 3rd party software.

I have the latest graphics card driver (15.20.xxx) and software (Catalyst Control Center 15.7.1) installed but couldn't find any settings to prevent this from happening. Unfortunately, the card is so old that there isn't a newer version available.

Windows version: 20H2, 64-bit
Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD5850
Monitor: MSI Optix G271

Any help would be appreciated!