HippsieGypsie said:

Yes, I understand those types of devices. I'm a lover of the Modern approach and movement. Have a Lumia 1520 phablet with 8.1 along with the old Acer T690 here.

Is that 10 has a Tablet mode instead of the Start screen that drivers need to be updated? Or could it be that the Mobile edition has not been released as of yet?
I doubt it's related to "tablet mode." Rather, it's mostly a repainting issue with certain modern apps. Unfortunately, those apps include Edge and the Store, as well as things like Jump Lists coming up blank when you right click an app. It's mostly cosmetic, but combined with Edge's poor performance on these devices (again, might or might not be video driver-related), it was enough to send me scrambling back to Windows 8.1. Which is saying something since I'm the kind of bleeding-edge type who will put up with a lot in terms of bugginess/rough edges just to use the latest and greatest. :)