Windows 10: HDMI inferior to DVI?

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       20 Aug 2015 #11

    Graphics card manufacturers rarely say what the HDMI output is, my HIS radeon 5670 is one that does. The monitor is owned by my cousin, I was hoping my pc with the 5670 would work with it when his doe's not. I also have a GT610 and a GTX 750TI, they both state that the "digital" max resolution is above the monitor's requirements.
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    I have found the Asus vx24ah specifications which say HDMI 1.4, no mention of MHL. According to Wikipedia HDMI specs, 1.3 should run 2560X1440.
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    tinmar49 said: View Post
    I have found the Asus vx24ah specifications which say HDMI 1.4, no mention of MHL. According to Wikipedia HDMI specs, 1.3 should run 2560X1440.
    VX24AH | Monitors | ASUS Global

    Scroll down to "inputs".

    Are you saying that your HIS 5670 has an HDMI 1.3 (or later) output? Seems unlikely, and I don't see that on the HIS web page. It also seems unlikely if they list 1920X1080 as the max res on the HDMI port.

    I don't think you should care whether the interface is for multimedia or computer use. If it gives you what you want, use it. Especially if you can get an IPS 2560X1440 monitor cheap.
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       20 Aug 2015 #14

    5k series have horrible hdmi out support out of the box, really a lottery. I was trying to spare him that. Don't know about 1440p, maybe it's doable with recent drivers, I only know that a 5750 worked at 1920x1200 over hdmi, but had various issues with hz, overscan, red pixels noise etc. that took many catalyst installs to work it out.

    So it's free to try out, but I suspect it's not close, that's why you hesitate? Best bet: not worth the trip.
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    Ok, forget about the 5670, any clues to a graphics card with HDMI 1.4?
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       20 Aug 2015 #16

    You are right about the MHL, Bobkn, then if you go on to "support"-- "manual", the pdf comes up and near the back it says HDMI 1.4, all on the Asus site. When I googled the monitor, there was a test on You Tube of how good it was and one of the comments drew attention to fact that the display was 1920X1080, the on screen display gave it away.
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    I did a little more looking. It turns out that nVidia cards based on their "Kepler" chipsets (most 7xx cards) support HDMI 1.4a.

    That includes low-end cards like those based on the GT 720 chipset. Computer Parts, Laptops, Electronics, and More - has some for less than $50US. If you want a better card than the 5670, a GTX 750 is around $100.

    The newer "Maxwell" cards (9xx series) are more expensive. The cheapest one will be the 950, but Newegg doesn't list any yet. The GTX 960 is about a $200 card.

    I wouldn't be surprised if AMD matches them, but I'm not familiar with their up-to-date products.
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    I have a NVidia GTX 650, and it supports my native resolution of my 27" IPS (2560x1440) on HDMI. (it has 2 DVI and 1 HDMI, and I get full native res on all 3).

    It is a crap shoot on whether an HDMI port can support more than HD (1920x1080), unless it says so explicitly.

    You should be good with any card that claims 4k Support I would think.
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    Harpert said: View Post
    HDMI is a consumer grade connector invented to connect mainly TV hardware like a DVD player and a PlayStation etc to a TV without the need of running multiple cables to include sound.

    DVI and DisplayPort were developed by the computer industry
    DVI has been adapted to support higher resolution and PC applications.

    Harpert said: View Post
    technically HDMI and DVI are nearly the same (video only) but for higher frequencies (high resolutions need to be travelling fast) the cable and connector quality of HDMI was not good enough.
    With us wanting ever higher resolutions (the human eye can't tell the difference anymore, only our imagination can) there is a technical limitation to what can be achieved without using a fibre in stead of copper.
    That's totally untrue. You can do 4K res over HDMI just fine, but the hardware has to support it. Yes, there are technical limitations on the speed, but it's not anything so low.

    Harpert said: View Post
    Why would anyone want a 22 inch monitor on a higher resolution than 1920 x 1200
    The viewing distance is 1 meter (3 ft) at the most.... you simply can't tell the difference.
    Huh? I have a 27", I can definitely tell the difference, and I need the screen real-estate as I am a software developer and larger windows means I can see more code at once.
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