I am surprised you have so many entries there. I have two entries in mine. I know I have only hooked up two monitors to my computer during this operating systems lifetime. If I were in your position I would backup the registry folder "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\PerMonitorSettings". Then I would delete all the monitors listed within that folder. Then reboot. When you come back you should only have a single monitor listed. That will be the monitor you need for your AHK script. After you have that, you can restore the backup you made of the PerMonitorSettings folder content.

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Here is another approach you can try which should show you the monitor your looking for. Press Windows Key + I to open Windows Settings. Type this into the search field: view advanced display info. Click on the single search result that appears to open the Advanced Display Settings window.

Hotkey For Scaling In Windows 10?-windows_settings_labeled.png

1. On the screen that appears look for a link that reads: Display Adapter Properties for Display 1. Click it.
2. A new window will appear. Click on the Monitor tab.
3. Click on the Properties button.
4. A new window will appear. Click on the Details tab.
5. There is a dropdown box. Click on it and select Hardware Ids from the list that appears.
6. Information will be listed. In my case it is: Monitor\SAM0832.

Hotkey For Scaling In Windows 10?-locate_monitor_hardware_id_labled.png

7. Head back over to the registry and look for an entry that begins with the value that came after Monitor above. In my case I am looking for SAM0832.

Hotkey For Scaling In Windows 10?-permonitorsettings_registry_listing_labeled.png