Windows 10: Display Driver Keeps Crashing my Computer!

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  1.    17 Aug 2015 #11

    Other users had similar issues with the 610 (which I don't but it seems widespread) and solved them by installing older Win 8drivers, try various versions if the one proposed by Bobkn stills fails
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  2.    17 Aug 2015 #12

    bobkn said: View Post
    The strongest reason to run 64 bit Windows is to access more than 4GB of RAM. The 32 bit Windows won't access all of 4GB, but it should give you most of it.

    I haven't done it personally, but I have read that if you have a 32 bit version of Win 10 installed and activated, you may then clean install the 64 bit version and it will activate online.

    That's plausible, because in the past (since Vista) the license key for Windows was valid for both 32 and 64 bit versions. I wish that I could tell you whether it's true.

    You don't really need the 64 bit version, but a clean install may fix your driver problems.
    Hi Bob

    I think I know what I did wrong!

    I installed XP Pro which was the 32 Bit Version as that was the only Version that I had.

    Then when I tried to Install the 64 Bit Version of Windows 7 on top of that in order to upgrade to Win 10 it wouldn't let me, as it said that the 64 Bit Windows 7 could not be Installed with the 32 Bit Version of Windows XP.

    Or Words to that effect.

    Except that more by luck than Judgement I managed to do it!

    I tried to do a Clean install of Windows 7 64 Bit and it Worked! and it also Activated as Well!

    How the hell did that happen?

    Well the only thing I can think of, is that both my Copies of Windows 7 that both have disks for 32 Bit and 64 Bit, are the All Singing All Dancing OEM Type after all.

    What really must have thrown me, was the Small Print on the Box, which when read under a Magnifying Glass, said that they were Windows Upgrade anytime.

    I've had these in a drawer for years and to be absolutely honest, I really cannot remember what I ordered after all this time.

    So Where have I got to, right at this moment in Time?

    I've got a Brand New 1.5 TB Hard Drive which I have been keeping as a Spare, just in case I need it for my Web Sites and Now I've got it loaded with my other Copy of Windows 7 but this time its 64 Bit.

    This Copy of Windows 7 is Brand New Straight out of the Box, with a different Product Key and everything and its been Activated on the Button by MS.

    So it doesn't interfere at all, with my other hard drive that has the Windows 7 32 Bit Version.

    And I am going to Format that and also put a 64 Bit Windows 7 then 64 Bit Windows 10 on it, as another back up drive.

    So I'll have one for General Surfing and getting to grips with all the Features in 10.

    While the other one will only be used for maintaining my Web Sites.

    The reason I was reluctant to use my Second Copy of Windows 7 was that I wanted to keep it, on the off chance that one day I would be getting a PC with a 64 Bit Processor.

    Which thanks to a kick up the backside from you, I can see I have already got! LOL

    Just in case you're wondering, how I am running both drives, I've got them both in Caddies, so I can swap them around and also one with XP on in case of an emergency.

    So what I am planning to do right now, as soon as I have got back from the Shops (so you've still got time to Stop me from doing another Fail!) Is to get the Media Creation Tool and burn a Compatible Copy of Windows 10 only this time it is going to be the 64 Bit Version.

    Is the Media Creation Tool better than going direct to Microsoft?

    Maybe you would provide me, with the appropriate link.

    Also I won't be doing a Clean Install of 10 until it has been Activated by MS (or no doubt that is going fail as well!)

    And I will also be turning off the Nvidia Driver Updater, which I know where to find, Thanks to Yourself.

    As I'm pretty sure that the Update of this, was causing all the Problems.

    Mouse Freeze/Computer Crashing etc.

    How hard can it be, what else could go possibly wrong!

    Above All

    Thanks For Your Help

    Which really is Appreciated.
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  3.    17 Aug 2015 #13

    derek10 said: View Post
    Other users had similar issues with the 610 (which I don't but it seems widespread) and solved them by installing older Win 8drivers, try various versions if the one proposed by Bobkn stills fails
    Hi Derek

    Thanks to Bob I think I might have cracked it but thanks for replying.
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    Win 10 X64 Pro 1803 17751.1
       17 Aug 2015 #14

    I think that the .iso created by the Media Creation Tool may be as good as any.

    However, if you want an alternative,

    Tech Bench
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  5.    17 Aug 2015 #15

    bobkn said: View Post
    I think that the .iso created by the Media Creation Tool may be as good as any.

    However, if you want an alternative,

    Tech Bench
    Hi Bob

    Its all Ok at the Moment, although I had to do the Install Twice because Edge dropped off the Screen after only 2 Seconds.

    Fingers crossed any more Updates don't go and mess things up.

    But Thanks for your help, as without your timely intervention I would not have known, that I was running a 64 Bit Processor.
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  6.    03 Dec 2015 #16

    Hi Guys,

    The issue is very irritating! I have found sth that could work as a fix, i cant say whether its preferable or not!
    Either install the older driver for your Graphic Card!
    For Nvidia
    Rolling back to Driver 347.88 seems to work!

    Another option is selecting integrated graphic card as your preferred card in Graphic Card control panel!
    For Nvidia
    Go to Nvidia control panel and select other card as the preferred graphic card!
    Though it may effect your in game experience!
    And un install geforce experience also helps in some cases!
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  7.    06 Dec 2015 #17

    I've just upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 and had some BSODs due to an errant nVidia driver. I uninstalled all nVidia software & drivers via the Control Panel then installed the NVidia drivers supplied by Dell and selected clean install.

    That fixed the problem and Windows 10 has since upgraded to the latest NVidia drivers with no issues.
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