Good evening/morning!,

Today I've experienced something strange happening on my desktop, whenever I start to play/open up a game (be it gfx intensive or not) after few minutes, my monitor would tend to die out/turn black as if going on sleep (orange led still lit) and has a no signal/input or HDMI not detected msg on the right bottom corner. This is the 1st time it happened, I've got the bios on latest version as well as the gpu. Also running the current version of windows 10 (build #19041.508).

I also noticed that whenever the screen turned black/off, the gpu fan spins faster and louder (but I'm sure my desktop's internal temperature isn't that high since I'm on a well ventilated room and it has 5 large fans (3 intakes and 2 exhaust) and its not that dusty either. The picture I've included has some temps written on it while I was playing Diablo 3.

Hope you could help me out on this one, I've just built this pc last December 2019.

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