multi-monitors and HDMI output selection?

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    multi-monitors and HDMI output selection?

    I have a laptop with a second (USB) monitor that I am using for a video production. I take the HDMI output and it goes into a mixer for recording.
    The issue is that the display output sent to HDMI is not what I want.

    The W10 machine maps the displays like this:
    [2] - [1]
    [1] = laptop, [2] = external USB monitor
    with contiguous cursor movement between them, which is just what I want.

    But when I connect the HDMI output, it then looks like this;
    [2] - [1] - [[3]]
    [3] = HDMI output
    again with contiguous cursor movement between them, but the issue is that I cannot see locally what is being sent to the HDMI recording.

    I want to be able to send the [2] second local display to HDMI, so I can see what it being shown, and work on it interactively..
    The "Display" option is setup for "extend display", which makes sense that it would act this way. Trying any other option of the Display setup (that I tried) won't give the desired result.

    Basically it seems like the Display options won't show just my [2] local monitor output.

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    If you are just recording audio the hdmi will send the output audio regardless of where the player is on the extended screens so you shouldn't be worried about 3rd screen video output .

    You can always clone the display of the 3 screens so to be sure what is going on on 3rd screen if that becomes eminent .

    By default Windows support either Cloned (Duplicate) display or Extended ones , you can't go hybrid unless this is a feature your graphics driver or 3rd party software allows it which hadn't been the case in a long time .

    You can always get an HDMI 2 way splitter and plug the other end to some TV screen you have to keep monitor of what is going on (3+ way splitters do not support cloning the signal but rather switching between output ports so beware what you buy , i.e weather it clones or switches) .

    Good luck there
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    Yes, I am going to use a splitter and additional local monitor on the exported HDMI output so I can see locally what I am dong on that screen.

    Not sure what you mean by:
    "You can always clone the display of the 3 screens so to be sure what is going on on 3rd screen if that becomes eminent..."

    The extend works well with PowerPoint, where you want the local preview window, and the full-slideshow goes (only) to remote via HDMI. Not so well if you want to show what you are doing on a local screen, and have two local screens.

    With only one (main) local screen, Duplicate works fine for this. But with two, you go from:
    [3]-[1]-[[2]] (Double brackets [[ ]] indicating HDMI output to remote display.)
    whereas it would be better to be able to go to:
    [2]-[1]-[[1]] or [2]-[1]-[[2]]

    Two locals, and one of them extended to remote.

    Remote extension does not mix well with second local display.

    Note that doing it this way with a splitter, means that I have basically replaced my (small, portable) USB second monitor functionality with a splitter and full monitor on the HDMI output.
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