trying again: no image after may upgrade

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    windows 10 professional

    trying again: no image after may upgrade

    Upgraded to May 2020 refresh of Windows 10 after second announcement of its availability became solid on Windows upgrade.
    The first upgrade did not work at all and I thought that this new one would.
    Compared to the first upgrade it did in that it completed perfectly.
    Then my problems started and to deal with these I have to back up a bit and tell you about my video connections (because that is where the problems lie, I believe).
    I have two NEC P242W-BK monitors.
    And I have two identical computers: ASRock X79; 16 GB; Samsung SSD; Several hard drives. Only one computer is attached at a time.
    Each has a display port and an HDMI port (along with a DVI port).
    My video card is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680. That card has three ports corresponding to the display’s: display port; HDMI; DVI.
    There is also a MacBook PRO, about 5 years old.
    The ASRock computers are attached to the display port and to the HDMI port. And Windows has always found these ports.
    The MacBook PRO is attached to the spare port on each monitor (again, display port and HDMI) to the Mini Port on the MacBook.
    Windows starts very, very slowly from a cold start with the dotted circle taking five minutes before booting into Windows, which eventually happens. N.B.: I shutdown normally but ever since I've installed Windows 10, I can restart the computer by taping the keyboard. I think the computer is in some halfway space between real hard shutdown and hibernation.
    After shutdown I have no images at all on my screens although it is clear that Windows is “there” has booted.
    If I hold the left shift key when I shutdown the computer really shuts BUT then I get a cold start with all of its problems.
    I think the computer can’t find the video ports.
    Any help would be more than welcome.
    Thank you.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1


    There is known issue with Nvida drivers.

    trying again: no image after may upgrade-image.png

    From this thread

    Known and Resolved issues for Windows 10 May 2020 Update version 2004

    What level is yours?

    If you go to device manager are any devices reporting issues after the jump to V2004? (yellow exclamation marks)

    Think I would simplify things. Disconnect the MacBook. Disable Windows Fast Startup and hibernation with the command

    powercfg -h off

    To reverse later you switch the word off to on.

    Assuming you are not using Raid or Windows Storage spaces disconnect all storage drives other than boot. Don't do this if you are using a raid or storage spaces.

    We have seen on numerous occasions a drive will hold up the boot process.

    With Fast Startup disabled and drives disconnected test.

    Not sure what you mean when you do a true cold start with the words "all of its problems". What problems.

    Is your BIOS up to date? Not saying to update, asking is it at the highest level?

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    Thank you for your thoughtful response.
    Nvidia driver version is: 446.14
    No yellow exclamation points in device manger
    Not using raid or any scsi devices

    Starting up.

    From day one: While shutdown is normal; restarting the computer can take two forms
    a0 if I do nothing during shutdown process, I can restart the computer by touching a key on my keyboard.
    b) if I hold the left shift key while pressing the shutdown button the computer shuts "hard" and requires that I turn on via the on/off button on the computer itself.
    In the latter case, the windows logo appears and the dotted circle turns and turns for five minutes before the computer boots and it boots into both monitors.

    Again, thank you.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1

    So shutdown without shift key sounds like sleep rather than shutdown (power off)

    Did you shut off hibernation using command?

    Did you disconnect MacBook and drives?
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    windows 10 professional
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    been out of town so will try this week.
    thanks again!!
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    windows 10 professional
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    what i've done at your suggestion

    a. removed macbook pro from monitor, pulled cables
    b. removed hdmi and display port cables from pc in question
    c. plugged in two dvi-d cables into pc and monitor
    d. removed all external harddrives

    - - - Updated - - -

    a. i restored the reflect imagine of the new install (May 2004 refreshed updated)

    - - - Updated - - -

    same problems appeared: five minute boot from cold start -- dot circle starts stops; about 5 minutes to get into the machine
    from "sleep" boot after about five minutes if I type windows key and P then I get an image

    Clearly the update has problems with dual monitors and how to find them.
    Device manager has absolutely no yellow exclamation points.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    Please try this:

    Display Driver Uninstaller
    Extract DDU on desktop
    Download these drivers Nvidia 461.09 and save it to desktop

    Reboot computer in to the
    Safe Mode use option one
    Run Display Driver Uninstaller
    Click on the options
    Check Prevent downloads of drivers from Windows update when Windows search for a driver for a device (close, ok)
    Select device type GPU (Nvidia)
    Clean and restart
    Now run Nvidia drivers installer 461.09
    Select custom
    Uncheck EVERYTHING except the GPU Driver and PHYSX
    Check the CLEAN INSTALL box
    Finish install
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    windows 10 professional
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    thank you.
    will summon courage and time (this morning took lots of time as did your helpful response: thank you).
    let's hope.

    - - - Updated - - -

    found 451.67
    is that one okay??
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    It's OK, and also try disable Fast Statrup.
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    windows 10 professional
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    are you in the EU??
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