REVISED - Cyan anomalies on monitor screen

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    REVISED - Cyan anomalies on monitor screen

    In the last week I noticed a pronounced "cyan anomaly" when playing games (but also present on likes of MS Money). I attach a couple of screenshots by way of example.

    Not sure what they are and why? Thought it was my graphics card so replaced that (upgraded to a rather tasty NVidea GTX 1660 Ti) but the same problem persists.

    I have two monitors, the main one is a BenQ GL2780, the secondary a BenQ RL 2455. The cyan anomalies were always on the main monitor i.e. when I swapped the game over to secondary the anomaly disappeared.

    That was until today when I find that the anomaly is now only on the secondary monitor (the RL 2455) but not present on the primary.

    Aargh! Very confused .What is the problem? Can't be graphics card, can't see how it is monitors(?).

    Have tried resetting monitors to factory, also swapped out all cables trying numerous combinations.

    Any ideas? Any and all assistance gratefully received...

    Windows 10 Pro version 2004
    Nvidea drivers up to date v

    EDIT: Some of the uploaded screenshots not too clear for some reason so have also included a photo from my phone which more clearly reflects the impact.

    REVISED - Cyan anomalies on monitor screen-cyan-anomaly.jpg
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    Could you supply more sensible images showing the effect. Like some Windows screen or something.

    Take pictures vertical to the screen over the centre (both are TN panels).

    Bear in mind most people will not have whatever game that is.

    Blue/Cyan has probably been fiddled with such that it is over saturated. Look in the Graphics Control Panel, return to defaults for a starting point.
    Probably a saved profile or something that has impacted both monitors.
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    Thanks for the swift response Helmut.

    I don't really have any Windows screen that shows this anomaly. It is subtly present in one or two lines in the odd program but nothing like as obvious as the example screen shot.

    I don't believe I've fiddled with any cyan settings (I tend to leave standard settings alone) and, double checking, could find no saved profiles. I;d already reset both monitors to factors/default.

    What confused me is that it appeared on one monitor last week (GL2780) apparently out of the blue (has been running stable for 6 months or so since I bought the new monitor. Then the problem moved to my second monitor (the older RL2455) again, without me really doing anything. Just for clarity. The problem no longer exists on the GL2780 monitor but "migrated" to the RL2455 monitor...very odd!

    Today, Ive checked and reloaded the drivers for both monitors and (long shot?) uninstalled the Windows 10 updates I received on 4th June and yesterday. Still no joy.

    I can probably upload some further photos from games (where it is fairly pronounced) if that will help?
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    Windows 10 Home 20H2 64-bit

    Hey JB. Can you try unplugging both cables you have attached to the monitors from the graphics device, turn off both monitors, remove the power cables and try to power-cycle them. Also check under Start>Settings>System that GPU scheduling is disabled.
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    I've unplugged both cables from monitors and powered off/on - with a wry and slightly cynical smile on my face!
    Swapped out the cables for alternatives "just in case".
    (Couldn't find a GPU scheduling option I'm afraid).

    This seems to have worked!
    At present I have two monitors working as before.

    Many thanks to you Faith - Takk for gaven - and to Helmut for initial response.

    Kind Regards and Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters all round...

    - - - Updated - - -

    JBeeblebrox said:

    This seems to have worked!
    At present I have two monitors working as before.

    EDIT: I spoke too soon. Logging on this morning the problem has returned.
    I attach a photo of further example - An MS Money program which shows two horizontal cyan lines (the game graphics problem also persist...). Apologies for poor quality of photo.

    REVISED - Cyan anomalies on monitor screen-cyan-anomaly2.jpg

    - - - Updated - - -

    FURTHER EDIT: So, after much messing around I seem to have found a "workaround".

    Using NVidea Control Panel:
    If I set the GL2780 monitor resolution to less than its maximum resolution of 1920x1080 (at present it's at 1680 x1050) all problems disappear.
    If I set it to it's native resolution of 1920x1080 the problems reappear.

    This is not replicated on the RL2455 monitor (this, older, monitor is running quite happily at 1080p, 1920x1080 native).

    Very odd. I'm baffled.

    Is this a defect? If so is it one that is common in monitors?
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    Windows 10 Home 20H2 64-bit

    Sorry to hear that it didn't work. This is an odd issue to me, and I'm honestly not sure what's going on. GPU scheduling is under 'Start>Settings>Display>Change Default Settings' by the way. What cables are you using exactly? What lenght are they? And what PCIe slot did you insert the graphics card in? Can you check in the Nvidia control panel under 'change resolution / display' at "apply the following settings" that the output color depth is set at 8 bpc?
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  7. NMI
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    Is F.lux installed?

    It appears that some Windows 10 users are having trouble with May 2020 Update and F.lux, a popular program that adjusts a display’s colour temperature. Users are reporting that Windows 10’s May 2020 Update is causing Blue/Green Squiggly lines on their secondary monitor.

    May 2020 Update: Blue/Green Squiggly lines bug reported
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    I have seen such things before in one old game (Far Cry) with an older Graphics Card and turning game Graphics settings up to a level that exceeded the feature set available. The degree would also vary with the Graphics Driver version installed (Nvidia), it was white areas, so all three RGB levels rather than the one colour in yours.

    Basically an odd combination of Driver/Graphics Settings would induce the effect.

    There are 3 things I would try:
    1) Change the Graphics Driver, Nvidia issue many drivers during the year and you can easily go back 12 versions to maybe a year ago.

    2) Remove/lower any overclocking of the Graphics Card, I know a lot are OC as standard, but still do so just to test.

    3) Change Graphics settings in the case of the Game, use lower settings as a test.

    In 18 years of using Nvidia Grahics Drivers I only ever used the latest driver for about a week on one occasion, most were about 6-10 versions behind the latest.
    At the time Far Cry was one of the tests for a decent Nvidia Graphics driver because it was so sensitive.

    "Is this a defect? If so is it one that is common in monitors? "
    I really do not think this is a Monitor defect thing, you have already tested for that.
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    NMI said:
    Is F.lux installed?
    Yes! and I do believe that is the solution.

    I've (reluctantly) removed F.lux, changes resolutions to optimal and rebooted system. "Tested" it via the game I had problems with (Eve online btw) and all seems well.

    This would seem to explain the intermittent nature of the problem as the timeline for the Windows 10 update was (as far as I can guesstimate) at the same time I noticed the problem. Proper analysis has been compounded by the fact that during Covid lockdown I tended to disable f.lux on one screen when it kicked in during the evening (but not on other screen).

    I hope the removal of f.lux will continue to leave me with a stable system.

    Many, many thanks to you all for taking the time and effort to help resolve this. You've made my day. Hope you all have a good weekend and that all is well with you and your families wherever you are.

    Footnote/confession: During the initial stages of this problem I bought a graphics card upgrade (NVidea GTX 970 to GTX 1660 Ti). Also treated myself to a new monitor which arrived yesterday (AOC CQ 32" G1 curved screen VA). Last night thought "what the heck" and also bought a Corsair K95 Platinum keyboard. So, all in all, this little "problem" has cost me a lot of money - but I was thinking about upgrading anyway!
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    Windows 10 Home 20H2 64-bit

    Glad you got it done & sorted! and really good work by @NMI for finding this out so quickly. <3
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