Possible to re-assign monitor identities/numbers?

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    larebz said:
    Did you purchase another GPU in the end? Would be interested to see if anything changes. I have a 2060 with no DVI but DP instead that my main monitor is now connected to, with my TV through HDMI. Shame my TV doesn't have DP as would like to see how Windows would react with 2 displays connected via DP.
    Hi there
    I'm using on one machine to Monitor 1 HDMI, Monitor 2 HDMI and monitor 3 (also HDMI) with DVI->HDMI adapter. Works perfectly as a 3 monitor setup -- all 3 monitors working as they should. Using this for "Stock trading" platform.

    If you get another GPU that should also work perfectly .

    You need the appropriate software of course to manage relevant output to what screen as is the case with most decent Stock trading software.

    It depends on how the BIOS / Hardware is setup / manufactured on your PC -- the video outputs should all be independent if they are discrete (not "shared") video ports. Windows itself might assign monitors according to the way the BIOS / MOBO has the ports assigned -- however with HDMI just swap the cables around -- you might still have to jiggle around with the software using the multi-monitor setup though.

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    Windows 10

    Decided to try Windows11, and while I'm in here, fix the numbering. Nope, same problems from windows 10.
    Keeps insisting my Dell on the right is primary. Confirmed via bios it should be my LG on the left. Windows just doesnt care. And no matter how many accounts I grant permissions to in regedit, I cant remove those entries. Even if I boot into a different OS and attach the registry as an extra, I cant modify that area.
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    Brothers and Sisters I found the easiest non invasive solution to re-assign monitor identities/numbers, honestly its a combination of others' solutions.
    My new 2k monitor was identified as 2 and my old 1080p monitor as 1. I want to make my new 2k monitor as 1.
    1) Go Nvidia Control Panel (NCP) > "Setup multiple displays" > Clone 2 with 1 (so new monitor setting inherit/"combine" with the old, this is key to "enable" the re-assignment) > Save the setting.
    2) Shut down and swap the physical ports then boot up.
    3) Check Windows display setting and identifier should be swapped.

    If the above steps do not work, at Step 2 try to unplug identifier 1 monitor's cable > reboot > then plug back identifier 1.
    Good Luck!
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    Windows 10

    Check the end of this post for the fast solution.

    What I have :

    normal PC not laptop
    DVI for my main monitor 1080
    HDMI for my tv 1080
    VGA 4:3 1024

    Graphic card : AMD RX 560 (Note : I use a 2020 driver cause every single newest ones they made don't work. They all crash as soon as I open OBS Studio or go check a streaming video or play a game and they don't give a damn. Don't buy a AMD !!!!).

    I made an account here just for this thread lol. It was bugging me for 2 years now and today windows 10 bugged and my main monitor was no more on number 2 but on number 3, until I rebooted and I decided to check on the net AGAIN in hope of finding a solution and I think I found a half one (I will explain) or a final solution for others.

    The problem I had was for the WIN + P shortcut (I was unable to extend on my third 4:3 monitor I use for my twitch chat while gaming, it was extending on my tv instead). I always had to go in the win10 display settings and manually extend my number 3 (it take more time and is annoying doing it every days).

    Note : I have another problem people not gaming don't have. I don't know why, but the way it work, windows (and/or the graphic card) think my TV is always on 24/24 even when it's close, and it take juice on the video card and lower our FPS in games. What I was doing prior of today is to always go in the win10 settings and show on number 2 only. This way my tv was not working. It was only working when I was duplicating it (and I of course had to do it every about 3 days cause I watch movies from my pc to my tv this way).

    I have read this whole thread and I hate the trolls... Sigh... Just shut up if you have nothing good to say ! I have not tried uninstalling my whole graphic card and plug my monitors on the right order 1 by 1 (just rebooting with +1 monitor 1 by 1 change nothing), I will probably try it in the future if I lack FPS in my games (btw guys, you have to use a program in safe mode for completely removing all nvidia or amd drivers, don't use the normal windows uninstaller, check the net about this) and I have also not tried deleting some registry entries (well, yes, I tried the solution #1, maybe the solution #2 could work [and maybe we have to go in safe mode in order to have the right of deleting them, I was in normal mode]).

    What I did, is part of a solution I saw for Nvidia, and I applied it for AMD. I had numbers 1, 2, and 3, now only 1 and 2 and my real PC monitor is on the "pc screen only" in the WIN + P.

    Note : by chance both my tv and my main pc monitor are on 1080. It probably helped. My monitor 3 was not connected while doing this, I don't know if you should disconnect your VGA first.
    1. do WIN + P and select pc screen only. You will now have a black screen on your main pc screen and have to go check on your tv.
    2. open your AMD settings (first option if you right click on your desktop (if you have nothing there it mean you are using the windows 10 automatic driver instead of the real one, so go on the AMD website and install it [and if that new driver crash no stop, try a older version until you find one working and stop buying an AMD card...]).
    3. In the AMD setting, click on the gear icon on the top/right side for the core settings and then click on display.
    4. On the bottom, left side of the screen, click on Eyefinity quick config.
    5. From there, for me, the auto quick config crashed lol. But it worked. This is duplicating your monitor and windows 10 don't see it. I rebooted, I also disconnected the wire, and it's still keeping the settings as they are supposed to be.
    6. From that same place in the AMD settings, on the top/left side you can see display 1 and display 2. You will see your monitor is still on the wrong number but click on your main monitor anyway, scroll down a little and click on "favourite display". I don't know if it change anything now that they are duplicated, but just in case... For me, this setting always auto change back but maybe a 2022 driver instead of 2020 would keep it, that's why I still mention it.
    7. Don't forget to change your sound output cause it will be changed on your tv and you won't have sound for your PC speaker/headphone. (the sound icon on the left side of the windows 10 time, on the bottom/right side of your screen, in windows 10, not in the AMD settings).

    Now, as I said, I'm hesitating of keeping it this way cause I'm a gamer and it think I use my tv 24/24 and lower my FPS, I hate this. I will have to monitor my fps see if they are fine for the games I play... If you are not gaming, that's probably the solution you searched.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I dont find the dit button. I forgot to precise my third 4:3 VGA monitor was plugged on my CPU slot, not on my graphic card.
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