OK, I have a HP Laptop connected to 2 monitors via a (HP) docking station. I have set the display up as an extended display across the 3 displays. The laptop display is display one and the primary display is display 2 and it works perfectly except for two issues.

Issue 1: On the display one, I can click on a link that opens a excel spreadsheet, which open on display one. The spreadsheet requires a password, the password boxes open on Display one, so why the hell does the spreadsheet move to display two when I enter the password and click ok ?? This is not a one off, many times I go to open a sub window to a program I working on the the window opens entirely on a different display than the program is on, Why?

Issue 2: Like many others I am working from home due to lockdown, so this mean I have to run a vpn to get onto the company network. A lot of my desktop icons come from locations saved on a network drive which does not appear until after the VPN is up and running, but why do my desk icons appear in completely different order day after day.While I accept that these are not major issues they are becoming damm tedious chasing windows and icons across three damm screens, anybody know of anyway to resolve these issue without the need of third party software. Window 10 is version 1909 if it makes a difference