My PC had a AMD Firepro V3800 graphic card when I did the upgrade to Win10 Pro (from Win7 Pro) via an ISO image disk. Shortly after the upgrade was completed I had some graphic errors and when I checked the PC I found that the fan on the graphic card was not working (could barely move it by hand). So I purchased a new graphics card, an Nvida Geforce GT730, uninstalled all the AMD Catalyst software and installed the Nvidia software along with the latest driver (from the web site not the supplied CD).

Now while the graphics are much improved I keep getting a little shimmer running horizontally across the screen from time to time, not the whole screen just a narrow band. I know the monitor (Hanns G HL249) is OK as I use a KVM switch and the other two PC's that use the same monitor do not show this issue, it is only seen on my Windows 10. It was not happening when I was running Windows 7 so I don't know if this is a Windows 10 related issue or a Nvidia related issue or both.

Can anybody advise please